Monthly Archives: Oktober 2021

German Company Designs AM Moon Bike

Dresden-based motorbike company Hookie has recently revealed a concept for a Moon bike, which features 3D printed polymer wheels. The bike is named Tardigrade, after the small creature famed for its ability to survive the hard vacuum and radiation environment of space. According to the Hookie website, the bike was named as such because “Tardigrades […]

Hidden Picasso Recreated with 3D Printing

Pablo Picasso, like many geniuses of the art world, went through some hard times in his early days. Being broke and fairly destitute at one stage in his life, he could barely even afford painting materials and canvases, and on occasion was forced to paint over previous works in order to recycle canvases.. Some of […]

Researchers Print Biomimicking Gas Sensors

A team of researchers from Trinity College and AMBER (SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research), both in Dublin, Ireland have successfully printed microscopic gas sensors which mimic color change mechanisms seen on peacocks. The findings have been published in a paper titled “Direct laser writing of vapor-responsive photonic arrays” in the latest […]