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BLB Industries Rebrands and Gets New HQ

Masterbatch pellets blb industries xl 3d printersSwedish printer manufacturer BLB Industries has announced that it has rebranded as “Industry”, and that they will be adopting new (green) strategies for the company moving onward. Industry is a renowned manufacturer of FGF systems (fused granule fabrication), which uses thermoplastic granules rather than filament to print 3D plastic parts. You can read more about […]

CNT-infused Polymeric Inks Yield Promising Results

polymer-featuredA team of researchers from Michigan Technological University have demonstrated printing of carbon nanotube (CNT) infused epoxy inks, and have published a paper recently in the Additive Manufacturing journal sharing the results. The research compared printed structures made from epoxy, nanoclay, and various concentrations of the CNTs ( 0.25, 0.5, and 1 % by volume). […]

GE, Voxeljet and Fraunhofer Institute to Build World’s Largest 3D Printer

GE Renewable Energy is joining forces with researchers at Fraunhofer IGCV and printer company Voxeljet AG to manufacture the world’s largest 3D printer. The printer will be used for the production of molds for creating large composite components for GE’s next generation Haliade-X offshore wind turbines. In particular, the engineers are looking to use this […]

ASICS 3D Printed Generatively Designed Sandals Coming Soon

Sandals, slippers, thongs, flip-flops…call them what you will. They are extremely utilitarian in their design, and generally speaking they are pretty easy to manufacture also. So given their simplicity of design and manufacture, why on earth would anyone want to 3D print them? Sure, it might be a fun experiment to try on your 3D […]

Anycubic Photon Ultra DLP Printer now on Kickstarter

photon-ultra-featuredAnycubic has just launched their long awaited cost-effective DLP resin printer on Kickstarter, which you can see at this link. What is so special about this new resin printer, and what makes it a good option for value-conscious makers? Read on and we will tell you! DLP equals higher quality prints The original LCD-based Photons […]

New Strong Red Wax Material Enables Complex Jewelry Casting

Wax casting is perhaps the most ancient of manufacturing methods to have been augmented by 3D printing, and the innovations don’t seem to be slowing down much, as 3D Systems has just announced the release of their VisiJet Wax Jewel Red Material. What is VisiJet? Read on to know more. Wax Casting We have covered […]

3D Printed Motors Coming Soon

cooling-part-featuredElectric motors are becoming very popular in the automotive world, with companies all around the globe vying for a slice of the EV pie. And with such demand, comes innovation. Motors themselves haven’t changed much in design, fundamentally, since they were first invented, but advances in manufacturing of late have spurred motor designers to apply […]

3D Printed Bee Homes to Spur Public Interest in Bees

Bee numbers are dwindling, especially in the UK, and that’s bad news for pretty much everyone who eats food. A team of researchers from Lancaster University have hatched a plan to boost numbers with 3D printed bee homes, which they hope to distribute to the public as part of a bee-awareness outreach effort. The researchers […]

Audi 3D Prints their Packaging Trash into New Parts

audiGerman automaker Audi has revealed their new in-house upcycling program that takes their own packaging materials and 3D prints them into assembly aids for use on the production line. No vehicle manufacturer on the planet builds every component on site. Most companies use components built by other OEMs which are then brought into the vehicle […]

US Marines Print Metal Rocket Cap for Mine Clearance

us marines featured“War! What is it good for?” asked Edwin Starr. “Absolutely nothing!” was his oversimplified reply. He was partly correct. As it turns out, war is pretty good for finding innovative new ways to blow stuff up. That’s exactly what the US Marine Corp (USMC) has been doing lately in the domain of mine clearance, with […]