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NTU Singapore and Caltech Prints Stiffness-shifting Chain Mail

fabric featuredNanyang Technological University (Singapore) and California Institute of Technology (US) have recently published a paper in Nature, detailing research into a new chain mail-like “smart fabric” that changes stiffness when compressed. The chain mail itself is printed with Nylon, and each chain link is in the shape of an octahedron, as you can see below. […]

Researchers Print Tunable Fluorescent Materials

cheap-resin-sla-dlp-lcd-3d-printers-2019A team of researchers from the Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, has published a paper detailing their experiments into 3D printable fluorescent materials with tunable optical properties. In particular, the research has focused on resin type printing with an LCD printer, and according to the paper the team has been successful in producing fluorescent […]

A Closer Look at AI Build

wasp-non-planarAI Build is a London-based software company with a line of products available to make additive manufacturing more efficient by automation. The company has been around for a while, and are collaborating with some fairly big names including Weber, Boeing, Kuka and Colossus. Lately, AI Build has caught our attention with some nice videos of […]

Anycubic Photon Ultra DLP Launches on Kickstarter

photon ultraFollowing on the success of their Photon resin printer series, Shenzhen-based printer manufacturer Anycubic has announced that they are launching the next iteration, dubbed the Anycubic Photon Ultra, on Kickstarter. This one has eschewed LCD technology in favor of the latest DLP chip from Texas Instruments, so will offer higher quality prints with a lower […]

Converting your 3D Printer into a Laser Engraver

3d-printer-laser-engraverBy replacing your printer hotend (or CNC toolhead) with a laser, you can make use of the XY motion to control the path of the laser to engrave metals and cut other materials. Florida-based Endurance Lasers have been manufacturing their plug-and-play laser systems for CNC systems and 3D printers since 2015. The lasers are very […]

Clinical Reliability of FFF Printed PEEK Implants Quantified

Machined PEEK plastic has been used in custom cranial implants for some time, as it is strong, light, and biocompatible. Recent efforts have yielded a range of printable medical-grade PEEK filaments with a focus on biocompatibility, and as a result, AM technology is now being used to produce custom cranial implants at the point of […]

Indian Partnership Yields Country’s First AM Aero Engine Part

Indian state-owned aerospace company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has partnered with Intech Additive Solutions to produce the country’s first metal AM component for jet engines. The part in question is a Gas Generator – Nozzle Guide Vane (GG-NGV) and it has been printed in CM 247LC superalloy. This alloy in question is a nickel-based alloy […]

Baseball Glove Gets the AM Treatment

The Olympics is almost over, having brought many stories of 3D printed sporting goods to the public eye. But the world of sports is just getting warmed up with additive manufacturing, as this latest 3D printed offering has demonstrated. Baseball gloves have remained fairly unchanged since their invention way back when. They have one job, […]

3D Printed Handlebar Fails During Olympic Race

This years’ Olympics in Tokyo have seen a boom in 3D printed sporting goods employed over a range of competitions. Cyclists in particular have been making use of AM technologies bringing a variety of AM products to the track ranging from 3D printed cranks to lugs to handlebars. Given the increase in AM hardware in […]

ORNL Prints Molybdenum Alloy

ornl-featuredOak Ridge National Laboratory has successfully demonstrated the printing of an alloy consisting of titanium and molybdenum, the unpronounceable 42nd element on the periodic table. So what is this wondrous metal and what are its applications? Molybdenum First up, it’s pronounced Muh-lib-dunham, or simply “Mo” for short. Molybdenum itself is valued for its ability to […]