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New 3D Printed Wood is ALL Wood

3d printed woodWood! It’s nature’s composite material! Carbon fiber composites consist of long carbon fibers aligned along the direction of stress, bound up in a polymer (epoxy) matrix. Wood consists of long cellulose fibers aligned along the direction of stress but bound in a natural polymer (lingin) matrix. It’s a perfect analogy. Although, most current wood filaments […]

A Closer Look at Construction Printing in Dubai

dubaiDubai is embracing 3D printing from a whole bunch of different angles as you may have seen recently. In 2019 they received a Guinness World Record for largest 3D-printed structure (by volume) and in 2020 the Emirate received another Guinness nod for the world’s first 3D printed commercial building. Just a few weeks ago you […]

Industry Collaboration Highlights Path to 3D Printed Lungs

3d printed lungsEarlier this year 3D Systems announced that they would be stepping up their efforts in the realm of bioprinting, in particular they intend to collaborate further with United Therapeutics and their subsidiary Lung Biotechnology, for the manufacture of printed organ scaffolds. So what are the details of this enhanced collaboration and what does it mean […]

India Unveils First AM House

It’s been a good year for 3D printed houses, at least in terms of AM construction companies getting a little airtime. And the latest company to dip their toes into the extruded concrete waters is Tvasta, who are based in Chennai, India. Just recently the startup had an unveiling event, attended by various media and […]

3D Printed Compression Masks Treating Burns in Gaza

gazaIn 2020, a gas leak at a bakery in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, caused an inferno resulting in 25 fatalities and dozens of people sustaining injuries, many being burns related injuries. To assist some of the survivors on their road to recovery and rehabilitation, medical professionals with Medicine Sans Frontiers (MSF) at their Gaza clinic […]

Concrete Additive Manufacturing Gets Intricate

Most of the concrete printing stories we look at on this website are focused on large scale concrete printing systems with fairly large nozzles for a large flow rate. It’s great for laying down concrete layers in a fairly quick and repeatable manner. But for truly intricate concrete work that makes full use of the […]

Automated Vapor Smoothing for Post-Processing MJF Parts

postpro_3dWhen it comes to chemically resistant plastics commonly used in industrial 3D printers, stronger chemicals are often required for vapor smoothing. Many of these chemicals are dangerous, poisonous…or even carcinogenic. What is needed is a proper system that can release the chemicals (whatever they may be) in the right proportions, in a safe, and controlled […]