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Metal AM Medical Implants Taking off in China

China is embracing metal additive manufacturing for the large scale manufacture of medical implants. Beijing-based AK Medical have been in the implant game for a while now. At first they specialized in traditionally manufactured implants, but since installing their first EBM printer in 2009 they have embraced AM with gusto, becoming the first company in […]

YouTuber Makes Metal Terminator Skull with Lost PLA Casting

lost pla cast skullYouTube recommendations can lead down some strange rabbit holes sometimes. My own recommendations mainly consist of videos of people eating 50-year old MRE rations and Finnish people crushing things in hydraulic presses. Both great channels. And sometimes, the recommendation algorithm can lead to wonderful and informative little gems, such as this video from YouTuber AndysMachines, […]

AM Prototypes and Generative Design Builds a better Bow

Nishikawa bowsWhen we hear the term generative design, our minds often turn immediately to 3D printing. This is totally understandable, the two technologies do go together quite well. But it’s easy to overlook the application of generative design to more traditional methods of manufacturing such as CNC machining. In this post, we’ll be taking a look […]

3D Printed Supercapacitor for Space Exploration

Storing energy on space missions can be tricky. Batteries do not like the cold of space and so have to be heated in order to be useful. This requires heaters inside the battery enclosure, which adds a little extra mass (bad) and also incurs a penalty on the spacecraft power budget. It would be more […]

20ft Rocket Stage 3D Printed and Ready for Test

aeonCalifornia-based space company Relativity Space has shared a bunch of new pictures on their social media showing the progress of their metal AM rocket stage. We thought we would re-share them here for you because rockets are cool, metal AM is cool, and large scale metal AM is even more awesome. As you can see […]

Saab Tests AM for Battle Damage Repairs on Gripen Fighter

saab gripenMost of our aviation-related 3D printed stories focus on internal components hidden deep inside aircraft machinery, and most of those stories focus on metal printed components. Swedish aircraft manufacturer Saab has given us something different to write about this week with the announcement that they have been testing plastic parts as on-the-fly repairs of battle […]

3D Printing Fixtures and Masking Just Got Easier

Approximately 10% of all plastic AM goes into the manufacture of plastic fixtures ranging from brackets to jigs. And apparently, only 1% of all plastic fixtures are 3D printed. This sounds like an area ripe for a little AM disruption, and topology optimisation software company NTopology seems to agree. NTopology has just announced the release […]

3D Print Ceramic And Use Your Home Microwave As A Kiln

cerambot-kickstarterChinese ceramic printer company Cerambot has just announced the release of their new ceramic printer, dubbed the Cerambot Eazao, following on the success of the first one that gained them their recognition. And, as is the case with a few larger companies these days, they have decided to test the waters by releasing the product […]

Ford and HP Recycles 3D Printing Waste Into Molded Car Parts

ford hp recycleEnd of life waste management of automotive materials is a huge task, with the auto vehicle recycling industry is the 16th largest sector in the United States, contributing $25 billion USD per year to the national GDP making cars is a very energy consuming process. While 90% of a car can be recycled, there is […]

Metaplas Foldable Multimaterials

A team of researchers from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London (UCL) has recently shared their 3D printed multi-polymer design concept. We are curious about the project from an AM and engineering side, so let’s take a look. Metaplas What is the Metaplas project? The Metaplas project is using multi-polymers from recycled […]