Monthly Archives: März 2021

Self Assembling Mini Factory Makes Sandwiches

4d-fabrication-3d-printerIf you have ever wondered if your 3D printer can make you a sandwich and fold your shirts then you’ll be pleased to know that a team of university researchers have been grappling with this very problem, so you don’t have to. The researchers have successfully shown the use of 3D printer heads as robotic […]

Plybot Successfully Completes Crowdfunding for SCARA-type Arm Printer

plybotFor anyone bored of the current array of cartesian, H-Bot or CoreXY printers available on the market, you may be please to know that the SCARA-esque Plybot printer has just completed not one but two successful crowdfunding campaigns, meaning that these unique machines should be arriving with backers very soon. SCARA stands for Selective Compliance […]

Building to get Freeform 3D Printed Composite Facade

A building facade has been printed in Chattanooga, USA, and will be mounted onto the front of a local branch of the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union bank. What is of interest here is the technology used to do it, namely the Cellular Fabrication (or “C-Fab”) system from Branch Technology, who are also headquartered in […]

Warner Bros Partners up to 3D Print Licenced Toys

toyboxWarner Bros are teaming up with toy printing 3D printer manufacturer Toybox to allow users to print licenced toys from the WB roster of characters. For now, Toybox have released a bunch of licenced figures from the DC universe including Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman, as well as from the Adventure Time cartoon. The licenced toys […]

Drug-infused AM Stent Treats Oesophagus Cancer

am stentResearchers at the University of South Australia (UniSA) in Adelaide, Australia, have manufactured an esophageal stent which can help treat cancer patients. Stents are small tubes that are implanted into the body in order to keep passages such as blood vessels or airways open. They are used commonly in cardiovascular medicine to keep blood vessels […]

On-site Replacement Part Manufacturing Proven at Sea

These printed metal tanker components would make an interesting article anyway (they have nice pics also), but the fact that they were printed on the tanker while at sea and used to make repairs to the tanker itself makes for a nice twist. It is apparently also a world first, so that is noteworthy. The […]

3D Printed Sneakers in 2021

adidas strungRemember when 3D printed shoes were exclusively the domain of engineering websites and CAD/topology optimization sites, all vying for your attention to tell you how great their manufacturing and design processes were? Well those days are seemingly long gone, with sportswear manufacturers such as Adidas expanding their lines of AM footwear for greater adoption. You […]