Monthly Archives: Februar 2021

EBM used for Large Satellite Structures

Lockheed Martin has been experimenting with 3D printed components for large satellite structures for a while now. Even back in 2018 they were trialing the use of metal AM for the fabrication of titanium fuel tank sections, and had achieved a record-breaking 1.16-meter diameter fuel tank. It was at the time, the largest 3D printed […]

US Navy Tests Conductive Plastic AM Radar Components

Antennas need to be electrically conductive, so they either need to be manufactured from a conductive material (metal, typically) or else be made from an insulator coated in a conductor. Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have been looking at the latter option, and have made use of low cost 3D printing combined with […]

LASIMM – A Hybrid Manufacturing and Metrology Solution

Metal AM is great, but it’s still a long way off from producing true net-shape parts. To achieve the usable component, smoothed, squared and ready to go, manufacturers often have to post-process the metal printed component so that it is up to spec. This inevitable adds time and money to the AM process, and somewhat […]

World’s First 3D Printed School in Madagascar

It’s great to see the promises of AM construction finally being deployed in a useful humanitarian role, rather than simply as the latest architectural fad for well-heeled suburbanites. And what better building than a school? What better place than beautiful Madagascar? Architectural design firm Studio Mortazavi (based in San Francisco, Lisbon and Paris) agrees and […]

Military Eyes Topology Optimized Heat Exchangers

The Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory (CCDC ARL) sure loves additive manufacturing, as we have shown in the past. Their latest venture into AM involves a partnership with Raytheon, Penn State Applied Research Lab, Johns Hopkins University, and Identify3D, and sees the army research department team up with 3D Systems. Heat Exchangers This […]

3D Printing Brings Water from Air

We live on a water planet where most of the water is undrinkable. The irony! If only there was some method of extracting pure water from the air. Wouldn’t that be neat? Well, there are! In this article we’ll look at a team of researchers at GE, developing a 3D printed device to convert air […]

First 3D Printed Home up for Sale

3d printed homeWe see a lot of 3D printed homes on this website, but we don’t hear much about people actually buying them on property sites. They tend to be custom orders direct from the manufacturer. Well that’s likely about to change, as the first 3D printed house up for sale has been spotted on an American […]

AM Wind Turbine Blade Mold Research Gets Funding Boost

735684645-featuredIf there ever was a poster child for Industry 4.0, then it should definitely be the wind turbine. Squeezing everything they can from the latest industrial revolution, the renewable energy generators utilize Industry 4.0 tools including Digital Twins, IoT connectivity, HPC-powered CFD simulations, composite research and naturally, the modern means of manufacturing. All are combined […]

Precision Anatomic Models with 3D Printing

Use Case Precision Anatomic Models The medical world has long been a fan of additive manufacturing, and with good reason. By using various medical imaging techniques, users are able to convert this data into digital models, which can then be 3D printed for a whole range of medical applications. A group of researchers from the […]