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Jeweler uses 3D Printing to win Guinness World Record

AM has proven its worth in the world of jewelry manufacturing time and time again, thanks to the ability to print various molds and casts, which when combined with traditional techniques such as lost-wax casting, can allow for design freedoms never before seen. One jewelry shop owner in Hyderabad, India, by the name of Kotti […]

3D Printed Bearings and Tribo-filaments

3d printed bearings filamentWhen we hear the phrase “3D printed bearing” the first thing that may come to mind are the many videos of YouTubers testing if you can print balls in-situ inside a bearing case. The answer is yes, you can. They tend to be a bit inefficient, and grind quite a lot. Some polymers however, have […]

Porsche Demos 3D Printing for Electric Vehicles

52763867-featuredYou’d be forgiven for thinking that Porsche are new to the electric vehicle game. In fact, the first cars designed by Ferdinand Porsche himself actually had electric drives, albeit for a different company (Vereinigte Elektrizitäts-AG Béla Egger). You could say that the history of Porsche began with electric vehicles, and you wouldn’t be wrong for […]

Digital Dentistry: Auto-stacking for Volume Production

We have taken a look at the types of machines used for 3D printing orthodontic products in this previous article. And as this writer discovered, 3D printing in the orthodontic industry is a broad field and has many applications far beyond what a layman (such as the writer) may have expected. So to highlight this […]