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CERN using 3D Printing to Improve Particle Detection

The European particle smashing agency, CERN has turned to 3D printing to manufacture components for a cooling system in the Large Hadron Collider. The 27km circumference LHC is buried deep underneath the Swiss and French border and is used for fundamental research into particle physics. Cool-bars Specifically the organization has used additive manufacturing as part […]

Using AI to Design AM Missile Parts

US Marines Use Cosine large Scale 3D printerIgnoring all warnings from Hollywood from the last 4 decades, US Army engineers and scientists have turned to AI to assist with the production of 3D printed missile components. Data-driven Manufacturing Specifically, the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has awarded a contract to machine learning company Senvol, to assist with data-driven manufacturing of missile components. […]

Guide to Printing Food-Safe Plastic Products

food-safePlastics have been a long-time favorite material of the food industry. Plastics are cheap, easy to manufacture in large quantities, they are water-tight (good for keeping your university books protected from your soggy sandwiches) and easy to clean. But those benefits remain true largely for moulded products which are in fact the majority of plastic […]

Decathlon Embraces 3D Printing for R&D

Use Case Decathlon Embraces AM for R&D It’s no surprise that French sporting goods manufacturer Decathlon has been involved with 3D printing. Just this year it was widely publicized that a Decathlon snorkelling mask could be modified to create a ventilator mask with a simple 3D printed modification. Airbus was heavily involved in this project. […]

Research Brings Varying Gloss 3D Prints

Surfaces vary in shape, color, texture, opacity and gloss. Most of these can be replicated by selecting the right material or by altering the geometry of the part printed (in terms of shape and texture). However, until now, modifying the glossiness of a 3D printed part has proven to be elusive. Enter a team of […]

An Overview of 3D Systems’ DMP Metal Printers

3d systems dmp lineOverview 3D Systems’ DMP Line 3D Systems has their own range of metal printers, referred to by the proprietary name of DMP (Direct Metal Printing). DMP is a form of laser powder bed fusion, using lasers to fuse metal particles together, layer by layer, producing a finished metal part from a selection of their available […]

Lost Wax Casting with Additive Manufacturing

wax printingHow To Lost Wax Casting with 3D Printing Wax pattern making is an important step in the investment casting of metals and it has been for thousands of years through all corners of the ancient world. The investment casting process is fairly lengthy to describe. As you can see in this diagram, the metal casting […]