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New DED Machine Gets Computer Vision for Additive Repair

Directed Energy Deposition (also known as Blown Powder Directed Energy Deposition) is not only good for manufacturing new parts from scratch, but it is also great for Additive Repair. Additive Repair can be used for repairing broken metal components which may be too expensive to fabricate from scratch, so it’s more economical to simply repair […]

3D Print Your Own Car Parts

Before the advent of large scale 3D printers, if you wanted to mod your car with bodykits, you would have to shell out for a molded aftermarket part, and probably have to do some extra modifications (melting/drilling/filling) just to get it looking halfway decent on your ride. But what if you could just design a […]

Fraunhofer Researchers go XXL as FutureAM Nears Completion

large scale metal 3d printing fraunhofer featuredHuge scale metal AM is getting a lot of coverage recently. Recently we published an article showing how NASA is using DED for manufacturing big rocket engines using copper alloys. They have found that DED is more suitable for large scale printing in certain alloys, and they may even be able to print rocket engines […]

Inkjet Technology Guides Electrons in Graphene Prints

Dimatix_Materials_Printer featuredGraphene is a carbon allotrope which is touted as the wonder material with applications ranging from high capacity batteries to transparent electronics to bio-compatible medical components. You can read more about the potential applications over on Wikipedia. There are too many to list here. Researchers at the University of Nottingham, UK, have found a way […]

Turning Ocean Trash into Filament

ocean trash filament ultimakerPlastic waste is a huge problem for the oceans of planet Earth. Humans produce over 300 million tons every year and at least 8 million tons of that ends up in the ocean. 80% of all ocean trash is made up of these plastics. Much of that is single use plastic, such as drinking straws, […]

Free Tool for Estimating Metal AM Costs

Metal 3D printing services are generally fairly friendly and knowledgeable and are happy to give you quotes for your printed parts all day long. But it’s usually not an automated process and the company will have to get an engineer to sit down and do a few techno-economic calculations to give you an estimate of […]

Reusing Metal Powders

Reuse Metal PowdersMetal powders are costly, and depending on the geometry of the part, can be even more costly due to unused powders which often go unrecycled. Big hollow parts leave a lot of unused powder. GE has just published a white paper showing a few different strategies for reusing AM metal powders, and we will summarize […]

3D Systems Gunning for Military Applications with 9-Laser Behemoth

7537483D Systems have just announced some developments showing that they are on track to provide a huge metal printing machine for the US military. 3D Systems are describing it as “World’s Largest, Fastest Powder Metal 3D Printer”. Back in 2019, 3D Systems were awarded a $15 million USD contract to develop a 1m x 1m […]

3D Printed Drug Delivering Hearing Aids

638478y-featuredThe hearing aid industry was one of the first sectors to employ 3D printing in mass production of products. Every ear is different, and 3D printing allows perfect bespoke customization for wearers, ensuring a tight and comfortable fit within the ear. In fact, even as far back as 2013, the majority of hearing aids were […]

Creating Ferroelectric Metamaterials with 3D Printing

3D printing has been used for creating scaffold structures to enable the creation of ferroelectric metamaterials. Ferroelectricity relates to crystalline substances that have spontaneous electric polarization which can be reversed by an electric field. Ferroelectric materials have applications in electronic components, computer memory, mechanical devices and even as a catalyst in chemical processes. You can […]