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Nature-inspired Ocean & Wind Turbine Mods Boost Efficiency

Wind turbines can be a little bit lossy in terms of their aerodynamic performance. Luckily mother nature has been working on this problem for a few billion years, and Toronto-based design firm Biome Renewables have teamed up with Renishaw to create biomimetic turbine blade modifications to boost power. And what are they mimicking exactly? Kingfisher […]

3D Printed Plastic Rebar Replacement Used to Make Greener Concrete

I always start these eco-friendly concrete articles with a reminder of how environmentally unfriendly normal concrete manufacturing is, because it really can’t be overstated. First up, concrete is the second most used material on the planet, after water. If it was a country, it would be the 3rd biggest producer of industrial CO2 emissions in […]

DOE Funds Automotive Industry Printing for Sensors and Fault Detection

University of North Texas has just received a couple of Department of Energy (DOE) grants to push forward their ongoing research into 3D printed automotive structures. The first grant covers embedded sensors and the second covers a means for ultrasonic defect-detection in automotive 3D printing. Sensors The first grant (1.5 million USD) announced by the […]

Faster Filament Deposition with Metering Extruder Technology

bigrep mxt featured imageBigRep is pushing filament printing technology to new extremes with their Metering Extruder Technology (MXT). MXT enables you to print engineering plastics in half the time compared to traditional filament extrusion processes. MXT What is MXT? It is a metering system that sits inside their new extruder and helps print faster without the oozing you […]

3D Printing Glass Fixtures for Facades

tu darmstadt logoBuilding glass facades help to create a smooth aesthetic for buildings, often concealing structure underneath to create something more visually fitting for the city where the building is being constructed. But facades are not easy to mount on buildings. They often require mounting holes to be machined into the glass plate, and the holes can […]

Tuneable Stiffness from Crosslinked Polymers

texasam logoTunable stiffness is highly desirable in the world of medical implant manufacture. When 3D printing prosthetics (especially bone replacements) it’s important to get the variable stiffness of the bone correct. Bones are not solid. They have little structures / voids that vary in size and distribution throughout the bone, allowing the bone to flex non-uniformly […]

3D Printing Metal and Plastic in One Go

waseda logoMetal and plastic hybrid 3D printing has long been the aim of those wishing to print PCBs and rudimentary electronic components, such as strain gauges, resistors, basic transistors and maybe even three dimensional PCBs. A research team from Japan has come up with a novel way of adding conductive tracks onto 3D geometries utilizing a […]

3D Printed Tensegrity Soft Robots

starfish-featuredAdditive manufacturing and tensegrity and robots? Soft ones? These are three of our favorite things. A South Korean research team from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, has combined all three of those components into one project, in the form of a robotic starfish that moves just like a real one (kinda). You can […]

When to choose Metal Injection Molding and when 3D Printing

Types of Metal 3D PrintingMetal Injection Molding (MIM) has been around for some time, but has been plagued with issues including void formation and part fatigue problems. As will most things manufacturing, it has been enjoying a period of increased productivity lately due to improvements in the field. But as with most processes that require designing and manufacturing a […]