Monthly Archives: Juli 2020

SEAT Gets its own 3D Printing Centre

seat 3d pritinting labAutomaker SEAT has this week announced the launch of their own 3D Printing LAB. The lab is located in the SEAT Prototype Development Centre at their main plant in Martorell in Barcelona, Spain. Like other automakers who have been turned onto 3D printing, SEAT are hoping to augment their production activities with additive manufacturing for […]

Thermally Conductive Polymer Materials for 3D Printing

thermally conductive polymer materials for 3d printingOver the last few weeks we have been taking a look at various polymers with added engineering functionality. So far we have looked at those with altered electrical properties such as electrically conductive materials and ESD-safe materials. These materials had various levels of surface-resistivity allowing charge to flow through the material at different rates. Analogous […]

Classic Car Carburetor Replica by Tecron & Markforged

3d model carburetor featuredMarkforged has released a report highlighting a whole bunch of case studies from users of their range of machines, both carbon composite and indirect metal printing. Let’s take a look at an example of a legacy carburetor. The ability to reproduce legacy and obsolete parts has always been a strong selling point of 3D printing. […]

Farsoon Releases New Fiber Laser Polymer Sintering Machines

Farsoon Flight 252 sls 3d printer featuredExhibitions eh. Remember those? They used to be a thing, before the you-know-what forced us to live underground like Morlocks. Apparently the TCT Asia exhibition in Shanghai did not suffer a similar fate as every other public event on the planet, as evidenced by the announcement of a new polymer printing SLS machine, which was […]

New Hybrid Process Combines Concrete Casting with 3D Printing

Fast-Complexity concrete slab featured imageConcrete. Love it or hate it, we sure do use a lot of it. It is the second most used material on the planet, right after water. As an illustration, concrete manufacturing is responsible for 8% of the Earth’s carbon dioxide footprint. If concrete was a country, it would be the third biggest producer of […]

3D Printing in the Railway Sector with Deutsche Bahn

db headrest frame bigrepTrain infrastructure and rolling stock tend to have a long product lifecycle with trains running for decades until they are retired. Getting legacy parts for these vehicles can be a pain in the neck. The individual trains often outlast the companies that built the parts. And so to deal with this problem of obtaining high […]