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Electrically Conductive Polymer Composites for 3D Printing

electrically conductive polymer composites for 3d printingLast week we took a look at ESD safe materials for 3D printing. These are materials that are safe against electrostatic discharge, and have uses largely in electronics manufacturing. This article, we will look at polymer composites with lower surface resistivity, in other words, electrically conductive 3D printing feedstocks. Conductive materials have a surface resistivity […]

ESD Safe Materials for 3D Printing

The mechanical properties of 3D printed thermoplastic materials have been fairly well explored at this point. Sure there is always room for improvement… gradually, over time, researchers will create new polymer blends, or new filled plastics, and there will be incremental gains in strength. Eventually, the engineering polymer materials will be comparable to certain metals […]

ESA Tests ALM Rocket Engine

Last week we took a look at the 3D printed liquid rocket engine in the world from a Brooklyn-based company called Launcher. They had 3D printed a copper rocket nozzle, throat and combustion chamber and had performed many tests on the engine. It will have test flights later in the year. ESA are also looking […]

Copper Rocket Engine Test Launch Date Draws Near

copper rocket engine launcher Rocket-1 featured imageThe CEO of 3D printed rocket engine company Launcher, has posted an interesting image of their new Launcher E-2 engine after it was cut from the build plate with wire EDM. In case you haven’t heard of Launcher, they are a Brooklyn-based company, and they have manufactured the largest 3D printed liquid cooled copper engine. […]

Atherton Bikes 3D Printed Titanium Lugs

They say poachers make the best gamekeepers, so you could probably extend that idiom to bike manufacturing, especially where it comes to UK startup Atherton Bikes. Atherton Bikes are run by siblings Rachael, Gee and Dan Atherton, and between them they have countless accolades in the field of mountain biking…as competitors, with each sibling holding […]