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Create Isotropic Parts With 3D Systems’ Figure 4

figure 4 isotropic partsAs anyone who has ever touched a 3D printer knows by now, many different additive manufacturing processes result in anisotropy of the part. That is to say, the part’s strength varies along the different axes, usually due to the interlayer bonding sections having less strength than the bonded molecules in the layer itself. This is […]

General Atomics Launch First 3D Printed Metal Parts

General Atomics skyguardian featured imageDrone manufacturer General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) has teamed up with GE Additive to develop their first metal printed component. The whole process from development to first test flight of the component took just six months. The part in question is a NACA inlet printed in Titanium Ti6Al4V and was fitted to a SkyGuardian drone, […]

Miele Offers 3D Printables on Thingiverse

miele 3d printablesGerman appliance manufacturer Miele are offering CAD files for the 3D printing of extra components for their own range of appliances. According to Miele’s website they are “the first domestic appliance manufacturer in the world to offer a wider range of 3D printable accessories.” Is that true? Kinda. It depends how you look at it. […]

GE Produces Minimal Print Face Mask

ge face mask featured imageThe Covid pandemic has shown a spike in output from home 3D printing enthusiasts and industrial bodies alike. Many online designs suffer from a common feature however… they take several hours to print. An engineer at GE has found a possible solution by stripping back the idea of what is needed in a facemask design, […]

3D Printing for Spines

3d systems implantMedical 3D printing news of the last few months has been dominated largely by coronavirus-themed stories. Masks, ventilators, valves… even vaccine discovery aided with 3D printing. But the medical world has long enjoyed a relationship with 3D printing, even before recently being thrust into the public’s eyes with Covid-19. It started with basic external prosthetics, […]

The Mysterious 3D Printed Part in the Tesla Model Y

tesla y 3d printed partJust recently on a teardown video of a Tesla Model Y, a manufacturing engineering consultancy firm made a strange discovery. The firm, Michigan-based company Munro & Associates, noticed during the process of disassembling the electric car that there was a 3D printed component inside. And a pretty crappy looking one at that! So what gives? […]

Wasp Releases New Concrete Printer

wasp 3mt concreteItalian industrial 3D printer manufacturer Wasp has just released the latest addition to its range of industrial and architectural 3D printers, the Delta Wasp 3MT Concrete. As you can guess from the product name, it is a concrete mortar printing device in a delta-type printer configuration. The new variant architectural printer has a build volume […]

Photopolymer Prints that Grow

cheap-resin-sla-dlp-lcd-3d-printers-2019What use could you find for a structure that grows in volume with the application of heat? Maybe some form of spacecraft structure, where volume requirements are at a premium? These are exactly the questions that researchers at Department of NanoEngineering, University of California, are asking themselves, now that they have developed an expanding photopolymer […]

3D Printing Goes Nuclear TWICE in One Week

ORNL 3D printed steel reactor core featured imageAs 3D printing technologies, processes and standards have matured, we have seen additive manufacturing climb the ranks of technically complex manufacturing fields.

 We have seen additive manufacturing applied to motorsports, spacecraft engineering, aviation…and now finally, it has made inroads into what could be considered the pinnacle of safety critical sectors: the nuclear power industry. 

And […]