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2019 Desktop FFF 3D printer of the Year: the Wildcard Update

Looking for the best 3D printers on the market? This year’s nominees for the 2019 Desktop FFF 3D Printer of the Year Award, and the subsequent Wildcard mentions, are the perfect place to start. From the many FFF 3D printers out there on the market, our readers recently selected their top ten desktop 3D printers in […]

AMT Post-processing Machines Debuting at Rapid + TCT

With Rapid + TCT approaching, Additive Manufacturing Technologies will be showcasing two new devices. AMT’s post-processing machines, originally announced last September, will add to their PostPro3D series. The new additions, the PostPro3DMini and PostPro3DColor, cover 2 distinct niches within post-processing: the former offering a scaled-down device and the other specialising in color parts (as the names […]

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High-resolution 3D printed microscope could help detect diseases in developing countries

A research article published in The Optical Society (OSA) journal Optics Letters describes how researchers have produced a 3D printed high-resolution digital holographic microscopy (DHM) microscope. The researchers focused on creating a small but powerful and cost-effective microscope that would be robust enough to be used by professional biological researchers in the field without access […]

Additive Manufacturing Technologies to debut two new systems at RAPID + TCT 2019

Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), an award-winning UK-based post-processing systems manufacturer, will unveil two new machines at RAPID + TCT 2019 in Detroit, Michigan, next month. On May 20-23rd, the PostPro3DColor and PostPro3DMini will be showcased with the company’s PostPro3D system which was launched late last year. This machine is designed to smooth thermoplastic 3D printed […]

EOS, Daimler and Premium AEROTEC complete NextGenAM project

The Next Generation Additive Manufacturing (NextGenAM) project from industry partners EOS, Daimler and Premium AEROTEC is complete. Launched Spring 2017, NextGenAM sought to develop a digital, fully automated production line for serial additive manufacturing. Now the pilot plant in Varel, North West Germany, is completed, and will act as an example to other enterprises seeking to […]

Polaris optimizes tooling for powersport vehicles using Stratasys F370

Polaris Industries, a U.S. manufacturer of powersport vehicles, is using Stratasys 3D printing technology to optimize assembly tooling. Through Advancedtek, a Minnesota-based reseller of 3D printers, Polaris has integrated the Stratasys F370, from the F123 series, to create custom parts, reducing both time and costs concerning production. “Instead of waiting anywhere between 8-12 weeks, we’re […]

Cincinnati Incorporated to showcase SAAM 3D printer at EASTEC 2019 manufacturing trade show

Ohio-based metal fabrication equipment manufacturer Cincinnati Incorporated has announced it will showcase its Small Area Additive Manufacturing (SAAM) system at EASTEC 2019 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The SAAM system from Cincinnati Incorporated is a 3D printer utilizing FFF technology, designed to operate alongside the company’s Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) and Medium Area Additive Manufacturing […]

Forscher des Berkeley Lab haben ein vollständig flüssiges Gerät 3D-gedruckt

Forscher des Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) von DOE haben ein vollständig flüssiges Gerät mit 3D-Druck gedruckt, das auf Knopfdruck wiederholt neu konfiguriert werden kann, um eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen zu ermöglichen – von der Herstellung von Batteriematerial bis hin zum Screening-Medikament Kandidaten. „Was wir demonstriert haben, ist bemerkenswert. Unser 3D-bedrucktes Gerät kann so [...]

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