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LASIMM Hybrid Machine Prints Large Metal Parts

Recently, hybrid machines have been making waves in the additive and subtractive manufacturing industries. It’s easy to see why, as both technologies in unison often cover for the drawbacks of the other. As with 3D printing, hybridisation is also growing in size and scale as it heads towards industrial grade machining. Enter: the LASIMM hybrid […]

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3D printing startups in UK and Ireland bag €4.2 million

Today two (unrelated) 3D printing startups, one in Ireland and the other in the UK, have received significant financial attention. Wazp, a 3D printing supply chain management company headquartered in County Kerry, has just raised €2 million in funding. Meanwhile, across the pond in Liverpool, digital spare part marketplace Connect 4.0 has just secured a €2.2 million contract […]

“Survival of the fastest” evolution inspired 3D printing at NYU to create the perfect wing

Mathematicians from New York University (NYU) have used 3D printed wings and color-coded computer simulation to determine the ideal wing shape for fast flapping flight.   In a study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, a team from NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences aimed to improve the mechanics concerned with the motion of objects […]

Aether und UCL forschen an neuen günstigen biologischen Druckmaterialien mit Nanopartikeln

Aether UCL Bioprinting Material Forschung 300x204 - Aether und UCL forschen an neuen günstigen biologischen Druckmaterialien mit Nanopartikeln

Aether und das UCL (University College London) arbeiten zusammen daran neue Druckmaterialien für 3D-Bioprinting zu entwickeln. Das evolutionäre neue Material, das entwickelt werden soll, soll unter anderem Nanopartikel enthalten. Zusammen wollen Aether, ein angesehenes Unternehmen im Bereich KI und 3D-Bioprinting, und ein Team des UCL ein neues Material zum 3D-Bioprinting entwickeln. Das neue Material soll [...]

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Applying integrated computational materials engineering to additive manufacturing

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) is an emerging digital field seeking to improve the way things are designed and manufactured. Under PRISM2 (The Partnership for Research in Simulation of Manufacturing and Materials) the University of Birmingham is applying ICME to additive manufacturing and other processes. In a recent discussion, the PRISM2 group reveals the benefits of […]

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Carbon, BigRep, Protolabs and more

This edition of the 3D Printing Industry News digest Sliced sees NUI Galway awarded with €425,000; 3D printing foray into the limelight of the Oscars; funding for SafKan’s medical headphones and remote control car racing in schools. Here we cover the latest advancements and updates from the likes of AlphaSTAR, BigRep, Carbon and Protolabs. There […]

3D Printing Jobs update, additive manufacturing experts wanted by Solvay and Eaton

Searching for 3D printing jobs or ready to advance your career in additive manufacturing?  Our 3D Printing Industry Jobs board is the best place to find qualified engineers, software developers, materials scientists and other experts. A further sign of progression and maturation in the AM industry is the ever increasing number of large, multinational companies […]

Interview: SECORE International’s Aric Bickel on additive manufacturing and reef conservation

SECORE International is a non-profit organization based in Ohio that focuses on coral reef conservation. Founded in 2002 at Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands, SECORE has gathered partners in North America, Europe, and Japan, who actively collaborate to develop methods of captive coral reproduction and preservation. Last year, SECORE collaborated with Californian “MAKE-Tank” Emerging Objects, […]