Monthly Archives: November 2016

Oerlikon acquires German metal 3D printing company citim

In its efforts to become a major player in the global surface solutions and advanced materials markets, Swiss company Oerlikon is seeking to add 3D printing to its growing list of areas of expertise, which includes the engineering of industrial components, materials, and related technologies such as thermal spray and thin-film coating. With the acquisition of metal additive manufacturing company citim, Oerlikon has a particular plan in mind: to make itself into an independent service provider for 3D printed components, with all steps in the additive manufacturing process offered from a single source.

Melissa Ngs 3D printed mana potion pendant raises funds for a friends cancer treatment

Melissa Ng of Lumecluster has a unique and inspiring way of combining fantasy, design, and 3D printing. Her 3D printed dreamer masks leave little to be desired and her 3D printed Dream Regalia and Sovereign armor for women are both stunning and empowering. Not only are her designs amazing, however, but the message behind many of them is altruistic and even charitable. Recently, the New York-based artist unveiled a new 3D printed mana potion pendant, which she is selling in an effort to raise money for a friend suffering from cancer.

Engineers 3D print first fully functional drone with embedded electronics & aerospace-grade material

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have teamed up with additive manufacturing giant Stratasys to 3D print a fly-ready drone using aerospace-grade material. Not just any drone, this achievement stands as the first fully operational quadrocopter to be 3D printed in ULTEM™9085 — a high strength, lightweight FDM material certified for use in commercial aircrafts — all in a single production step.

Shares in metal 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs soar amid talk of major business deal

Since a 2.8 million AUD investment allowed it to debut on the Australian Stock Exchange back in August, metal 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs has been drumming up a lot of interest both domestically and abroad. And from huge organizations, too: around the time it became listed on the ASX, NASA declared interest in the 3D printing company. Despite NASA’s reported interest, however, it seems like another business could have dramatically pushed up the company’s share price today, with Aurora Labs suggesting that a major engineering and project delivery company was close to agreeing to sell and distribute its metal 3D printing technology.