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Boeing 737 MAX, powered by LEAP-1B engines with 3D printed fuel nozzles, made its maiden flight

With Boeing’s 737 MAX making its maiden flight on Friday, the reputation of 3D printing within the aerospace industry also seems to be soaring. The test flight took place over 2 hours and 47 minutes, free of difficulties. But in spite of the routine nature of the maiden flight, the aircraft continues to make headlines—largely thanks to some intriguing internal components. The 737 MAX, successor to the 737 Next Generation, is powered by a pair of CFM International LEAP-1B engines, packed with futuristic parts such as nickel-alloy compressor blades grown from a single crystal, lightweight materials called ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) and 19 3D printed fuel nozzles.

Brooklyn-based Kisi pioneers 3D printed locking devices that replace keys with apps

Have you ever forgotten your office keys? Does a coworker have the only key to the office and he doesn’t show up? There are so many key-related problems that can arise when needing to monitor access to a home or an office, and we’ve all suffered from them at one point or another. Fortunately, a Brooklyn-based German company could have the solution. Called Kisi, they have developed an app-controlled 3D printed device that replaces keycards and keys with the simple swipe on an app.

Inventor Roger Freeman develops amazing 3D printed Freebird Flight drone that doubles as snow blower

Drones have become something of a staple in within the 3D printing community, and that’s hardly surprising. Hugely fun to fly and relatively easy to build, they’re a source of fast-paced entertainment that almost always ends in an anti-climactic crash. However, designer Roger Freeman reminds us that 3D printed drones don’t have to be simple, delicate and accident-prone toys. For more than a year now, he has been working on the Freebird Flight, a top level, completely 3D printed and highly efficient drone that is weatherproof and is even functional – working excellently as a snow or a leaf blower. This could be the most impressive drone we’ve seen in a long time.

3D printed interactive window displays captivate shoppers in Paris

Paris is the city of lights, the city of love, and the city for nonstop shopping. From fashion boutiques to vintage bookshops to gourmet fromageries, you can find it all, and even if you’re budget won’t allow too many indulgences, just browsing the storefront windows can be an experience in and of itself. As part of an initiative to capture shoppers’ attention during the 2015 Holiday season and enhance the city’s already-enchanting atmosphere, Semeast, a public organization that aims at promoting local retailers in Paris 10th district, gathered together ten local shops and challenged them to create interactive holiday-themed window displays using recycled materials and high-tech manufacturing, including laser cutting and 3D printing.

Vowsmith uses wax 3D printing to produce customized fingerprint wedding rings

Engagement rings can come in all kinds of lavish and luxurious designs, featuring almost any kind of precious stone. Proposers are typically expected to spend at least one month’s salary on the inquisitive hoop, which makes engagement rings some of the most expensive and emotionally significant pieces of metal on the planet. The wedding ring, on the other hand, tends to tone things down a bit. This symbolic item of jewelry, exchanged between spouses during the big event, usually consists of a plain metal band: Beautiful and timeless, or in need of a shakeup?

Adafruit 3D prints amazing Energy Sword with full light effects as a tribute to Halo

3D printers have been increasingly making a name for themselves in the cosplay world as a fantastic prop manufacturer. And that’s hardly surprising, as even a few basic 3D printed accessories can really complete a costume. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next project, why not consider someone from the Halo videogame franchise? For Adafruit’s Ruiz Brothers, who have built up a reputation for excellent cosplay accessories packed with LEDs, have just shared their designs for a mind-blowing 3D printed Energy Sword complete with amazing and programmable lighting effects.

ASIC investigating company responsible for 2014's largest 3D printer after its inventor is left with nothing

In 2014, Australian 3D printer company 3D Group attempted to market and sell what was at the time the world’s largest 3D printer. Now, just a couple years later, after the company declared voluntary administration (the equivalent of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is beginning an investigation into 3D Group’s business and administration practices.

Ideas for Creative Agencies & Brands – #31

Layers and Shadows

BERLIN laser cut layers

The play of light and shade on crisp laser cut linework has an eye-catching impact that is both dynamic and alluring. With only a little more effort than it would take to prepare files for printing in a more traditional 2d format, it is possible to use the same visual structure to create laser cut layered artwork that can literally jump out from the page.

Why does it work so well?

The example pictured above demonstrates that this approach to 3-dimensional graphic design can be applied with great effect to simple text and logos. When given only a partially complete outline of each letter, the eye naturally resolves the missing details. Further support from environmental lighting can also enhance the stratification in the design. This allows the geometric forms of the custom font to be instantly recognisable even without prior knowledge of what the typeface looks like.

How to use this technique with your brand

Some of the best laser cut designs are also the simplest. This is particularly true when working with layered material and sections that are cut or removed; the less complicated your design can be, the fewer the potential errors when it all comes together. Remember to work with the strengths of laser cutting, making use of (to name a few): crisp linework, precision alignment and the elegance of accurate repetition.

Can you think of a clever way to harness light and shade using laser cutting with the Ponoko Personal Factory? Let us know in the comments below. For more ideas for Agencies and Brands, see the other posts in the series.

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