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Feel Confident & Comfortable with 3D Printed, Custom-Fitted ‘Mesh Lingerie’

By Tyler Koslow

One of the key (but not only) advantages that 3D printing holds over most other traditional fashion manufacturing techniques is the ability to custom-fit the design to the wearer’s shape and style preference. Whether it’s made to be worn on the runway or the sidewalk, a number of fashion designers have been implementing additive manufacturing to create products that are unique, personalized, and highly fashionable. Now, thanks to Lidewij van Twillert, an industrial design engineer from the Amsterdam-based Delft University of Technology, women will now have access to 3D printed garments meant to be worn in the bedroom.…

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914 3D Printing Students Take Part in Guinness Record-Breaking Software Lesson

By Tyler Koslow

Before this past weekend, the record for the largest software lesson to occur in one location consisted of about 500 individuals, which seems like more than enough students for a single classroom lecture. But that big number was shattered in the recent collaborative crash course on 3D printing software put on by the Association of IT Leaders in Education (AiTLE), the Hong Kong-based Baptist Rainbow Primary School, 3D printing solution providers DTSL Group, and 3D printing software development company Makers Empire.…

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Formlabs, Normal, & Rebecca Minkoff Create 3D Printed Rose Gold Earphones

By Tyler Koslow

A lucky few have already had the opportunity to listen to music through 3D printed devices before, ranging from paper-thin earphones made by a French design student to the exuberantly priced and customizable metal-casted headphones created by V-MODA.  And Normal has established itself as a pioneer in the space with 3D printed earbuds tailored to ears of customers.  Now, Formlabs has partnered with the NYC-based startup to create customized metal headphones 3D printed with their own Castable Resin.

After connecting with Normal’s CEO and founder Nikki Kaufman, Formlabs and Kaufman decided to collaborate and create the custom 3D printed Rose Gold headphones, which are composed of investment-casted brass and 14K rose gold.…

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Nano Dimension files patent for oxidation-resistant conductive copper ink

Tel Aviv-based 3D printing company Nano Dimension has been raising the bar in 3D printed electronics systems, having developed the Dragonfly 2020, the first inkjet 3D printer dedicated to printing multi-layer PCBs at home, as well as a range of conductive nano-silver inks capable of producing some of the most advanced 3D printed PCBs the market has ever seen. Now, the company is diving even deeper into the 3D printed electronics market with a proprietary copper ink that offers the groundbreaking ability to 3D print with conductive copper using industrial 3D digital printer machines. Today, the company announced that they have filed a patent application for this copper nanoparticle-based ink with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

3D Printed Makies Don Disney Apparel

By Michael Molitch-Hou

After joining the Disney Accelerator program earlier this year, MakieLab is seeing its line of custom, 3D printed dolls dress up in some important new clothing just as the holidays are approaching.  Customers purchasing 3D printed Makies can now outfit their dolls in apparel featuring patterns of Disney’s Minnie Mouse and Maleficent.

For those unfamiliar with Makies, they are one of the most popular consumer 3D printed product yet on the market, with the Britain-based MakieLab allowing customers to customize a Makies doll online – including eye, hair, and skin color – and have them 3D printed on-demand with accompanying clothing and accessories. …

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Keytech’s Best 3D Printing Filament Is the One They’ll Make Just for You

By Davide Sher

Although our reporting on 3DPI basically consists of letting everyone involved in 3D printing know what everyone else is offering, we cannot actually report on everything that is available. This may be a small industry, but it is also a global one, and there are amazing things happening everywhere, all the time.
That is one of the reasons why, though I have been following recent developments, I cannot report on every new filament that Italian company Keytech is developing and launching, even if many industry operators might benefit from knowing what they are.…

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Top 10 3D Printed Christmas Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for ways to bring 3D printing into your Christmas celebrations? Then look no further. In this article we will show you the top 10 3D printed Christmas decoration ideas – all the way from Christmas tree ornaments to gift wrapping inspiration.

1. 3D Printed ‘Santa’ Grumpy Cat

A purr-fect decoration for the Scrooge in your life. Designed as a Christmas tree ornament, this 3D printed grumpy cat designed by Matt Bagshaw has a hole in the collar to thread ribbon or a hook through. Also makes a fun tree topper! You can get this 3D print from Matt’s shop right here on


Ho Ho Hum Cat by Matt Bagshaw

2. Quin Christmas Tree Ornament

The ‘Quin’ is a stunning geometric 3D print designed by Bathsheba Grossman. Here, it’s sized to be an ornament for a Christmas tree. This 3D print is available at Bathsheba’s shop on

Quin Christmas Tree Ornament by Bathsheba Grossman

Quin Christmas Tree Ornament by Bathsheba Grossman

3. Labyrinth Gift Box

It might look less Christmassy but it’s all the more fun. The Labyrinth Gift Box by Robert will make wrapping and un-wrapping your gifts more challenging: “Time for Christmas, time for a less boring package for the cash my nephews will get. Last year it took them all of 5 seconds to get at their cash, this one will take them longer. There’s only one correct path and I tried to make it so that it’s easy to slide past the correct exits. Time will tell if it’s effective!” You can download the STL file (and customize the model if you want to) here.

3d-printed-Labyrinth Gift Box

Labyrinth Gift Box by Robert

4. Lockable Present Ornament

If you think the previous design looked too geeky then maybe you will prefer this one. The ‘Lockable Present Ornament’ was designed by the MIND Research Institute. It’s a gift box and a lockable tree ornament at the same time. You can download the 3D files here.


Lockable Present Ornament by the MIND Research Institute

5. 3D Printed Bird Nest

Winter is coming – and so is the season for bird feeders. The people from PrintedNest designed this stylish 3D printed nest. You can get the free STL files here and tweak your own design.



6. Pixel Star Tree Topper

Every Christmas tree needs a tree topper – so why not make it a 3D printed one? Gustav Knape designed a retro pixelated star to decorate your tree. You can download the 3D file here. You can also download it as a tree ornament here.

Pixel Star Tree Topper by Gustav Knape

Pixel Star Tree Topper by Gustav Knape

7. Lego Christmas Sweater

Dorky Christmas sweaters are not just for humans. With 3D printing they also come to toys and figurines. Michael Curry, for example, created Christmas sweaters for your LEGO figures. You can download the designs here.


Lego Christmas Sweater by Michael Curry

8. Space Invader Ornaments

Jeremy Peterson designed simple ornaments that will make your Christmas tree stand out: “I am a big fan of making Christmas gifts wherever possible. Last year these Space Invaders-inspired Christmas tree ornaments were one of the most popular things I made. It was a fun project and easy to execute.” Download your 8 bit space invader design here.


Space Invader Ornaments by Jeremy Peterson

9. 3D Printed Silver Pendant

The ‘Reach the Stars Pendant’ by Loupgarou was inspired by a fairy tale the designer read in his childhood and illustrates an endeavor to reach for a star. Loupgarou’s beautiful design can be ordered here as 3D print in sterling silver with a high-gloss finish. Learn more about 3D printing silver items here.


Reach the Stars pendant by Loupgarou

10. 3D Printed Frost Jewelry

Czech jewelry brand blueberries creates outstanding 3D printed rings, pendants and earrings. In 2015 they launched their ‘Frost’ collection – jewelry inspired by ice and winter. You can learn more about the designers and collection in our blog post here.


Frost pendant by blueberries

Get Your Design for Christmas

Receiving your own HD 3D print is easy. Just upload your 3D file here and order it in 100+ materials and finishes.

Please make sure to remember the following production times when ordering your 3D prints:


  • Silver 8-15 business days
  • Steel 12-16 business days
  • Gold 10-13 business days
  • Brass 13-15 business days
  • Bronze 10-14 business days
  • Copper 13-15 business days
  • Titanium 15-20 business days
  • HD Steel 12-16 business days


  • Polyamide as of 6 business days
  • Alumide 8-13 business days
  • ABS 8-13 business days
  • Paintable Resin 8-13 business days
  • Transparent Resin 8-13 business days
  • HD Resin 8-13 business days
  • Prime Gray 8-13 business days


  • Ceramics 15-10 business days
  • Multicolor 10-15 business days
  • Wood 13-15 business days
  • Rubber-Like 8-13 business days

Markt für Pulver Materialien im 3D Druck soll bis 2020 über 630 Millionen US$ erreichen

Mehr industrielle Anlagen zur additiven Fertigung bei Anwendern bedeutet auch einen steigenden Markt für Materialien in Form von Pulver.

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