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Now Stratasys & Materialise CEO’s Go On Record with a Response to HP

By Rachel Park

3D Systems were very quick to go on the record on Wednesday with a formal response to the press launch of HP Inc’s new Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printer, slated for commercial release in 2016.
Stratasys has now also responded and given me a direct, on the record response, copied here for your perusal and consideration.
“Over the past two years, there have been many new entrants to this market, which reinforces that manufacturing with 3D printers is a great opportunity. This activity will bring more awareness, and it will lift the overall space.…

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San Francisco company using 3D printing to develop adjustable prosthetic legs

Observant readers will have noticed that things have been looking quite good for wearers of prosthetics in recent months. Thanks to 3D printing technology, we’ve been seeing a wide range of wonderful, functional and cool prosthetics appearing all over the place.

Many of you will have doubtlessly heard of the wonderful work that the E-NABLE community is doing, who develop and 3D print custom-made and cool prosthetics for needy children. However, just this week we’ve also reported on an intriguing bionic arm prototype, that functions electronically.

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Javascript Laser Cut Lamp Shades

A few lines of code to brighten your day

When Maxime Beauchemin set out to design a pair of laser cut lamp shades, he decided that it would be fun to make use of his coding skills. Already familiar with d3.js, he used Javascript to generate the vector artwork that would then be sent to the laser cutter.

This was much easier than it may otherwise appear thanks to the interactive setup at, a fantastic resource that some refer to as a ‘playground for developers’. Here is a screenshot of the number crunching that makes Maxime’s lamp possible:

This looks like an interesting way to approach design for laser cutting, with the interactive preview keeping the outcome right there on screen. Of course, a little coding knowledge would be handy to get started… but for those who just want to play, you can head over to jsfiddle and tweak Maxime’s code to make further iterations of his Javascript Laser Cut Lampshade.

via Maxime Beauchemin

Your Scanned Head + Candle = Scandle, a 3D Printed Wax Mini You

By Scott J Grunewald

3D printing superstore iMakr is teaming up with French retailer Le Bon Marché to sell 3D printed candle selfies called Scandles. Starting November 1st customers can book a 3D scanning session in a special booth and be turned into a real wax candle.
The Parisian luxury department store will feature a custom designed and highly specialized 3D scanning booth where visitors can have their likeness digitally captured. The 3D scan will then be sent over to the iMakr Store in London, England where a 3D printer will create a plastic model that will be used to create a silicone mold.…

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Spark – Autodesk investiert 100 Millionen US-Dollar in 3D-Drucktechnologie

Spark Logo

Ab wann kann einem Unternehmen ein ernsthaftes Interesse am Wachstum und Entwicklung einer Branche zugerechnet werden? Schwierige Frage. Investiert aber ein Unternehmen 100 Millionen UD-Dollar in die Förderung von Innovationen und Startups für einen bestimmten Industriezweig, ist das Interesse definitiv gegeben. So wie bei der US-Softwarefirma Autodesk.

Spark Logo

Spark LogpDer Softwarehersteller Autodesk hat mit dem Spark Investment Fund ein Investitions-Fonds in Höhe von 100 Millionen US-Dollar gestartet, um seine Position im 3D-Druck zu stärken. Der Fonds hat Designer und Startups als Zielgruppe, die Interesse an der Entwicklung von Hardware, Software, Materialien und Marktplätzen mit Schwerpunkt auf 3D-Druck haben, berichtet Autodesk auf seinem Blog. Zum Vergleich: Die Stadt New York sagte erst kürzlich seiner 3D-Drucker-Startup-Szene Förderungen zu. Die Investitionshöhe: 10 Millionen US-Dollar.

Jedes Start-up, welches Geld vom Spark Investment Fund erhält, bekommt einen Zugriff auf das Marketing und die Entwickler-Dienste von Autodesk im Rahmen des Spark Partnerprogramms. Die Unternehmen 3D Hubs, Authentise, Dremel, Local Motors and MatterFab sind derzeit Partner von Autodesk. Im Mai 2014 startete Autodesk seine 3D-Druck-Plattform Spark auf der für den 3D-Druck geeignete 3D-Objekte erstellt werden können.

Es handelt sich bei Spark um eine offene 3D-Druck Software-Plattform, die Hardware-Herstellern, Softwarefirmen, Materialwissenschaftlern, Produktdesignern und anderen Interessierten die Arbeit im 3D-Druck erleichtern soll. Vor acht Monaten hatte Autodesk die britische CAD-Softwarefirma Delcam übernommen und mit Spark einen Versuch gestartet, den Grundstein für einheitliche Standards im 3D-Druck zu legen.

See the Incredible 3D Printed Textiles of Bradley Rothenberg

By Scott J Grunewald

3D printed fabric guru Bradley Rothenberg has already helped some of the worlds most interesting fashion designers create stunning clothing made from his wearable 3D printed fabrics, many of the designs seen at New York Fashion Week.

Rothenberg finds himself straddling the line between technology and fashion, where he needs to create textiles that can be used to wear actual clothing, but is hampered by the limitations of current technology and printing materials. But he has managed to not only bring the two together seamlessly, he’s also managed to create what is truly the next step in fabrics and textiles.…

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MakerBot bringt “Hello Kitty” in die 3D-Druck-Welt

Der US-amerikanische 3D-Drucker Hersteller MakerBot hat eine Partnerschaft mit dem japanisches Großhandelsunternehmen Sanrio angekündigt. Sanrio ist die Firma hinter der fiktiven Figur “Hello Kitty”. Hello Kitty ist eine fiktive Figur in Katzengestalt. Die 1974 entworfene Figur wird auf vielen Produkten abgebildet und ist das erfolgreichste Erzeugnis von Sanrio. Zum 40. Geburtstag wurde nun eine Partnerschaft […]

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Autodesk kündigt 100 Millionen Dollar Investmentfonds für 3D-Druck an

Im Mai kündigte Autodesk die Entwicklung eines freien 3D-Druckers an sowie einer Open Source Software Plattform mit dem Namen “Spark”. Nun hat Autodesk einen einen Investmentfonds gegründet. Der Softwarehersteller Autodesk wurde 1982 in den USA gegründet und ist einer der Marktführer Applikationen zur Erstellung für 2D- und 3D-Designs. Nun kündigte das Unternehmen die Gründung von […]

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Inside 3D Printing Opens Doors in Shanghai Next Tuesday

By Michael Molitch-Hou

Shanghai’s first significant 3D printing conference is kicking off next week, as the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo head to the city with 3D printing speakers and exhibitors in tow.  The event will not only feature companies and experts from China itself, but from the international community, as well, giving attendees an ideal portrait of how 3D printing in China is tied to the global marketplace as a whole.

With companies such as Artec, Arcam, and Materialise exhibiting alongside Chinese businesses, like Aurora, UReal, and Bright Laser Technology, visitors will be able to connect the dots between 3D printing in China and the larger picture.  Industry experts, including 3D printing analyst Terry Wohlers and Harry Kleijnen, Manager of Development Grids at Philips Healthcare, will lecture at the same event as academics and business leaders from the Chinese 3D printing market, providing insight into the future of the technology in Asia and abroad.…

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NYC Marathoners Can Win A 3D Printed Mini-Me

By Andrew Wheeler

Each November, more than two million spectators line the streets to cheer on 50,000 people running 26.2 miles through New York City.  In celebration of every type of marathoner, ASICS America, an official race sponsor for over 20 years, is bringing its “We Are Marathoners” campaign back to the Big Apple for this year’s TCS New York City Marathon. The multi-faceted campaign honors the commitment, character and courage of marathoners with a multitude of personalized mini-marathoner statues commemorating this year’s runners and limited-edition TCS New York City Marathon apparel and footwear collection.…

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