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Die Grünen wollen Task Force in der EU für 3D-Druck

Reinhard Bütikofer, industriepolitischer Sprecher der Fraktion Die Grünen/EFA im Europäischen Parlament, hat eine von ihm in Auftrag gegebene Studie über 3D-Druck am Dienstag vorgestellt. Die Grünen kommen auf Grund der Studie zu dem Schluss, dass die Europäische Union eine Task Force einrichten sollte, die den Rechtsrahmen für 3D-Druck und generative Fertigungsverfahren überprüft. Die vom Öko-Institut […]

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Swedish automaker Koenigsegg uses 3D printing to make the world's fastest car

Swedish automaker Koenigsegg is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. For the occasion, the company has unveiled the One:1, the hypercar it says will be “world’s first megacar”. It is the first production car that offers a 1:1 power to weight ratio — it weighs 1340kg and produces 1322bhp (1340 metric horsepower).

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IGo3D’s video of BotObjects ProDesk3D at RapidPro Event

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“The world’s first full colour desktop 3D printer” has offered its share of controversy to the scene for some time now. There was a lot of promises made concerning The ProDesk3D 3D Printer by BotObjects with pre-orders being sold out quickly, but since then, customers have had to wait. Now German 3D Printer store iGo3D is offering the first real life footage of the rumored full color 3D Printer in action:…

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Paul Nylander’s 3D Printed Knotted Gears

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A couple of weeks ago we reported on Paul Nylander’s 3D Printed Math Art. At Paul’s website you can find a huge array of 3D printed works derived from mathematical principles, such as  a number of geodesics made up of varying degrees of knottiness. Now Paul has released a small youtube clip on his most significant piece of art – the Knotted Gear Lamp. The system consists of 92 gears that are all engaged and tied together like chain links into one big knot. The only way to manufacture this kind of a system is by 3D Printing.…

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Video Follow Up on Baby Heart Patient

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Earlier this week we reported on how Kosair Children’s Hospital used 3D printing to support an infant pediatric heart patient for the first time (read more here). Let’s follow up on the story with Local Louisville news channel reporting on the Baby’s heart operation.
WDRB 41 Louisville News
Hat tip to Brent…

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3D Puzzle Toy to Rival Rubik’s Cube

(Industrial Laser Solutions)  The Rubik’s Cube became one of the world’s most popular toys and more than 350 million had been sold by 2009. Now, a worthy successor has arrived that could only have been created using additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology. The new Marusenko Sphere is both a 3D logic puzzle and an educational toy. It is available in 10 color schemes and five levels of difficulty, depending on the configuration and color combination of its 32 exterior pieces, which are supported by 22 internal elements. Rapid prototyping from plastic powder in an EOS Formiga P 100 additive manufacturing machine played an important role in making the toy a reality.

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Nike Debuts Second Football Cleat Using 3D Printing Technology

( Nike continues to push the limits of innovation and design by debuting its second football cleat built using 3D printing technology: The Nike VaporHyperAgility Cleat. The cleat’s unique plate design uses an amplified, tri-star stud shape enabling maximum speed on turf while creating the optimal traction needed to decelerate and change direction quickly. This ultimately allows athletes to accelerate both linearly and laterally. The HyperAgility cleat pattern, stud placement and overall shape increases surface traction which in turn empowers the athlete to be more aggressive when they cut. By using 3D printing, Nike was able to create fully functional plate and traction system in a fraction of the traditional time frame and at a fraction of the weight.

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voxeljet 3D Printed Ultra High-Strength Concrete Structures

( Architect Philippe Morel from Studio EZCT Architecture & Design Research in Paris is using 3D printed sand molds to create ultra high-strength concrete. German 3D printer company voxeljet printed a total of 130 sand mold halves for Morel’s concrete casting. Part of Morel’s research is to look for light and filigree concrete structures that will provide a completely new level of design freedom in architecture in the future. Ultra-high-performance concrete is a new type of concrete and is characterized as being a steel fibre-reinforced cement composite material that is six to eight times stronger than conventional concrete and also much lighter. Morel believes in the future it would be possible to 3D print structures using ultra-high performance concrete as material.

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The ‘Make Fresh Water’ Website Shows a 3D Printed Clean Water Maker

(Make Fresh Water) The Make Fresh Water website gives instructions on how to use 3D printing technology to help people make fresh water all over the world. Cem Schnitzler has provided the .stl files for his Water Maker and outlines how it works. The device consists of a body, a hopper and a cap, all of which are to be printed in a UV resistant material. Waste water is placed into the base of the device, the body, which must be printed in black so as to absorb light from the sun. The hopper, printed in a transparent material, is placed over the waste water and sealed with the cap. Placed in the sun, the Water Maker heats up to 85°C, until steam begins to form, condensing along the inside of the device’s hopper. The condensed water, with nowhere else to go, streams along the sides of the funnel and into a reservoir lining the edge of the device.

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