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Every One Every Day, new makerspace opens in London

Every One Every Day (EOED), a charity promoting collaborative work among local residents has opened a makerspace in Barking and Dagenham. The workshop is located on Thames Road and houses CNC machines and 3D printers. Furthermore, it also has an industrial kitchen for collaborative cooking. The EOED was established by a social inclusion charity, Participatory City […]

Endurance to develop new high powered lasers for 3D printers and CNCs

Russian-American laser manufacturer Endurance has announced the development of two new, more powerful diode units. Made to upgrade the abilities of standard CNC machines and 3D printers, the FAP800 range is the latest in a long line of lasers developed by the company over the past four years. According to Endurance CEO and co-founder George […]

Interview: How ZMorph 3D printers are helping the Leroy Merlin Bricolab movement in Brazil

André Skortzaru is the Co-Founder and Commercial Director of 3D Criar, a company based in São Paulo, Brazil, that provides businesses with the 3D printers and consultancy services needed to set up their own Fab Labs. Since 2016, Skortzaru and 3D Criar have been working with home improvement chain Leroy Merlin to start a series […]

It’s clear – you can 3D print transparent parts on a desktop FFF machine

In a new project from Fenneclabs, self-professed maker Tomer Glick has demonstrated how to make transparent parts on a desktop FFF 3D printer. A challenging project, due to the inhomogenity of melted plastic, Glick’s experimentation successfully creates focusing lenses, and clear blocks that replicate the effect of etched glass. Sanding out the grooves Glick’s 3D printed […]

What’s going on with the 2019 Midwest RepRap Festival?

The Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) is a free, annual gathering of 3D printing enthusiasts and makers held in Goshen, Indiana. Since its foundation in 2013, the festival has been hosted by 3D printer manufacturer SeeMeCNC, headquartered in Ligonier, Indiana. With MRRF 2019 just around the corner, event organizers (@MidwestRRfest) announced that they would be releasing […]

Printrbot 3D printer founder Brook Drumm to return with new company

Brook Drumm has announced plans for a “completely new market/business” idea following the close of the former 3D printer manufacturer Printrbot which he founded in 2011. In lieu of his forthcoming venture, Drumm has also launched a Patreon for support of YouTube content, and will be conducting contract work for Ubis Hotends. The intro to Drumm’s Patreon page reads: […]

Get a discount as Endurance Lasers put metal engraving to the test

Endurance Lasers gives makers the ability to upgrade 3D printers, CNC routers and other DIY machines with multi tool functionality. By installing a laser diode, these machines become cutting tools and engravers, capable of writing on acrylic, wood, leather and metal, maximizing workshop productivity. Read on for an exclusive discount. The 8.5W+ laser, exclusively available […]

Interview: Zortrax reveals further details about M200 Plus 3D printer launch

Polish 3D printer and materials manufacturer Zortrax has released the M200 Plus, an upgrade of the award winning M200 model and firm favourite of the maker community. With new connectivity upgrades and a few tweaks under the hood, 3D Printing Industry spoke to Marcin Niedzielski, PR Manager at Zortrax, to learn more about the next generation M200 and […]