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BigRep introduces STUDIO G2 at RAPID+TCT – Technical Specifications and pricing

Large-scale FFF 3D printer manufacturer BigRep, based in Germany, will introduce its latest 3D printer at RAPID + TCT, the STUDIO G2. As the successor of the BigRep STUDIO, this system features a new “BLADE” slicing software for greater control of printing parameters and presets for engineering-grade materials. “We are excited to host the world […]

Tethon 3D debuts its first DLP 3D printer, the Bison 1000, at RAPID + TCT

Tethon 3D, a Nebraska-based 3D printing materials manufacturer, has released its first desktop digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer in time for RAPID + TCT 2019 in Detroit this week. The Bison 1000 is designed for material development and is optimized for use with Tethon 3D’s ceramic and metal materials. Trent Allen, President at Tethon […]

Titan Robotics debuts dual-extrusion pellet 3D printer in Detroit

Colorado headquartered 3D printer manufacturer and service provider Titan Robotics will launch the new Atlas-H 3D printer on the first day of RAPID + TCT 2019. Using pelletized extrusion technology, the Atlas-H is a dual extrusion system designed for high speed, low cost, 3D printing in production. Its introduction also marks a year since the company […]

3D Printing Industry preview the Rapidia two-step metal and ceramic 3D printer

Recently 3D Printing Industry was invited to visit the Vancouver HQ of 3D printer OEM Rapidia. In this visit, we were given a preview of the company’s new two-step metal and ceramic 3D printer. Using an FDM/FFF-based technology, that does not require any debinding, the Rapidia 3D printer is taking on fierce competition within the […]

Fabrisonic to debut SonicLayer 1200 metal 3D printing system at RAPID + TCT 2019

Fabrisonic, an Ohio-based company specializing in metal 3D printing, will debut its latest system using Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) technology, the SonicLayer 1200 machine at RAPID + TCT 2019 in Detroit next week. “Although UAM has been utilized for years in high impact markets such as aerospace and defense, the costs associated with the large […]

Roboze Xtreme series 3D printers to debut in North America at RAPID+TCT 2019

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze will be showcasing its high temperature ROBOZE Xtreme series for the first time in North America at RAPID+TCT 2019. The exhibition, this year held in Detroit, will take place later this month from the 20th to 23rd of May. According to Alessio Lorusso, founder and CEO of Roboze, “In terms […]

Adira tests SLM-XL large scale 3D printer prototype with TECNICO LISBOA and Manuel Conceição Graça

Adira, a Portuguese producer of industrial manufacturing machines, is testing a prototype of a new SLM 3D printer for building large and high-density metal parts.    The project titled SLM-XL is conducted in collaboration with Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s engineering and technology school Instituto Superior Técnico (TECNICO LISBOA) and Manuel Conceição Graça (MCG), a Portuguese […]

HP launches 5200 series of 3D printers, forms strategic alliances with industry

Global information technology company HP has today launched a new line of Jet Fusion 3D printers. Named the 5200 series, HP’s latest machines target volume production, with accuracy and repeatability likened to injection molding. One piece of a four-part announcement, the company also released a new flexible TPU for Jet Fusion, confirmed new industrial alliances, […]

Zortrax reveals M300 Dual 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has announced the launch of the M300 Dual an FDM 3D printer based on the company’s proprietary Layer Plastic Deposition Plus (LPD Plus) technology. Using a dual-extrusion system, the LPD Plus technology in the new system allows users to 3D print models with water-soluble support structures as well. Zortrax has […]

Aurora Labs tests beta RMP1 3D printer, prepares for commercial release

Australian metal 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs has reached a milestone for the commercialization of its RMP1 3D printer. After years in development, the team has finalized the construction, and now commenced live beta testing of the machine. Before production, the RMP1 Beta 3D printer will undergo improvements and changes based on  feedback from customers. A commercial version […]