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3D Printing Industry preview the Rapidia two-step metal and ceramic 3D printer

Recently 3D Printing Industry was invited to visit the Vancouver HQ of 3D printer OEM Rapidia. In this visit, we were given a preview of the company’s new two-step metal and ceramic 3D printer. Using an FDM/FFF-based technology, that does not require any debinding, the Rapidia 3D printer is taking on fierce competition within the […]

Markforged liefert 3D-Drucker an die US-Regierung

Der 3D-Drucker Hersteller Markforged wird künftig in einer Kooperation mit der Carahsoft Technology Corp, 3D-Druck-Lösungen für die US-Regierung zur Verfügung stellen. Carahsoft bietet IT Lösungen für die US-Regierung an. Hierfür hat das Unternehmen ein Netzwerk aus diversen Herstellern aufgebaut. So vermarktet und verkauft Carahsoft u.a. IT-Lösungen von Autodesk, Adobe, Amazon und Google. In der Partnerschaft [...]

Der Beitrag Markforged liefert 3D-Drucker an die US-Regierung erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

Markforged and Carahsoft to provide U.S. Government with 3D printers

Multi award winning 3D printer OEM Markforged and Carahsoft Technology Corp, a government IT solutions provider, have announced a partnership to provide Markforged’s industrial additive manufacturing technologies to the U.S. Government. Under the partnership, Carahsoft will act as Markforged’s master government aggregator and distributor, meaning it will make the OEM’s metal and carbon 3D printers […]

Markforged bringt flammhemmendes Onyx FR-Material auf den Markt

Markforged der Marktführer im industriellen 3D-Druck schafft den ersten flammgeschützten Kunststoff, der mit durchgehenden Kohlefasern verstärkt werden kann. Markforged, der führende Hersteller von Metall- und Kohlefaser-3D-Druckern, kündigte die Verfügbarkeit von Onyx FR an, einem neuen flammhemmenden Material mit V-0-Zulassung für Branchen wie Luft- und Raumfahrt, Automobil und Verteidigung. Herkömmliche 3D-bedruckte Kunststoffe verbrennen, wenn sie Feuer [...]

Der Beitrag Markforged bringt flammhemmendes Onyx FR-Material auf den Markt erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

Markforged releases flame-retardant 3D printing material Onyx FR

Multi award winning 3D printer OEM Markforged has announced the availability of its new Onyx FR 3D printing nylon, a flame-retardant composite material designed to be used in the aerospace, automotive, and defense industries. The key property of the Onyx FR lies in its self-extinguishing capabilities, allowing it prevent itself from burning, which sets it […]

2019 Enterprise Metal 3D Printer of the Year: The Wildcard Update

The 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards shortlists have now been open to the public for over 5 weeks. In that time they have amassed over 42,000 votes. Split between multiple categories, including machinery, aerospace, materials, software and research, these awards represent the largest annual survey of the additive manufacturing industry.  However, the shortlists aren’t exhaustive […]

CONTEXT reports expected +25% growth in shipments for industrial 3D printers

Shipments, by units, of industrial metal and polymer 3D printers continue to accelerate, reports CONTEXT, a London-based research firm.  According to CONTEXT, “Metal printer shipments are projected to see year-on-year unit-volume growth rates of over +49% with polymer machine shipments expected to grow by over +20%.” Chris Connery, VP of Global Research at CONTEXT, stated: […]

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Stratasys, Markforged, XYZprinting and more

In this week’s edition of the 3D Printing Industry news digest Sliced, you can find the latest stories from an expanding filament to mobile phone security,  3D printed art pieces at Milano Design, and life-size comic book characters. We also cover the latest updates from the likes of Stratasys, Markforged, PyroGenesis and WASP. Read on for […]

3D Printing Jobs Update: Roboze, Link3D, Carbon, BASF, BEEVERYCREATIVE

The 3D printing industry has seen several career shifts and new job opportunities over the past few months. Carbon, Link3D, Roboze, and BASF 3D Printing Solutions have all hired personnel recently, and there are a number of new opportunities cropping up from companies including BEEVERYCREATIVE, Assembrix, 3Dexter and Simplify3D If you’re searching for your next move […]