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Adidas to release a new version of 3D printed shoe, Alphaedge 4D

Adidas, the German sportswear manufacturer, has teased the latest version of its popular 3D printed shoe, Alphaedge 4D. The first version of Alphaedge 4D was released in 2018. It was made in collaboration with the California-based 3D printer manufacturer Carbon, who used its proprietary CLIP technology, a Digital Light Synthesis process. 3D printed shoes on […]

Stratasys collaborates with Nike and LAIKA to create exclusive 3D printed shoe for Missing Link film

Minnesota-based 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys has helped American stop-motion animation studio LAIKA and footwear giant Nike to 3D print an exclusive edition of the Missing Link x Nike Air Max Susan shoe, for LAIKA’s upcoming film, ‘Missing Link’. The original version of the Missing Link shoe is a collaboration between Nike and LAIKA, manufactured in part using 3D […]

Dr. Scholl’s join trend for custom 3D printed insoles through Wiiv

Dr. Scholl’s, a foot care brand owned by the pharmaceutical company Bayer, has partnered with Wiivv to provide customized 3D printed insoles. Wiivv is a Vancouver-based technology company known for biometric insoles and developing a 3D scanning app which lets user scan their feet to customize footwear. The partnership between Wiivv and Dr. Scholl’s was announced at the on-going […]

Nike erweitert Sortiment 3D-gedruckter Schuhe

Nike 3D gedruckt Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint 300x100 - Nike erweitert Sortiment 3D-gedruckter Schuhe

Nike arbeitet schon wie andere Hersteller an 3D-gedruckte Schuhe. Im Juni 2017 veröffentlichte das Unternehmen den VaporFly 4%. 1,5 Jahre später wird jetzt der Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D, der weiter optimiert wurde und besonders für den Gebrauch bei feuchtem Wetter geeignet ist, präsentiert. Für die Entwicklung hat sich Nike wieder Unterstützung vom Langstreckenläufer Eliud [...]

Der Beitrag Nike erweitert Sortiment 3D-gedruckter Schuhe erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

Peak launches world’s first 3D printed volleyball shoes

Peak Sports, a Chinese sportswear company based in Quangzhou, has announced the production of a partially 3D printed volleyball shoe using SLS technology. The application of 3D printing to sports shoes is no novelty in the world of elite athletics: in October 2015 adidas launched the Futurecraft range, featuring 3D printed mid-soles, while Kenyan marathon […]

Breaking world-records with Nike’s 3D printed “flyprint” shoes

Eliud Kipchoge, the world’s fastest marathon runner, is hoping to win the 2018 London Marathon this Sunday, April 22, wearing 3D printed “Flyprint” shoes from Nike, inc.. Kipchoge, wearing Nike running shoes, has previously come tantalizingly close to running a marathon in less than two hours, with a time of 2:00:25, the fastest marathon ever […]

Next season NFL players will sport custom sports gear from HP FitStation 3D scanning solution

3D scanning is behind an initiative to bring NFL players customized sports shoes. Technology company HP has announced that the NFL has adopted its FitStation platform to provide football players with personalized cleat shoes. All 32 NFL teams have taken up the FitStation platform, which combines 3D scanning, 3D software, and body data. It will be available […]