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Japan’s largest trade show organizer to host Advanced 3D Printing EXPO in 2020

Earlier this year, as part of Manufacturing World Japan, organizer Reed Exhibitions Japan launched the first Advanced 3D Printing EXPO. The show attracted 66,000 people, and more than 1,500 exhibitors as part of the wider conference and has now been renewed for a second year. To be held from 26 through 28 February 2020 near […]

Gillette and New Balance offer insights in consumer 3D printing at Formlabs User Summit 2019

Established in 2017, Boston’s Digital Factory Conference and the Formlabs User Summit have grown into a greater platform for innovators. Bringing together leading end users from a variety of different sectors, these events discuss how 3D printing impacts business. On day one, we heard from Align Technology, FedEx, Desktop Metal, and Spirit AeroSystems about the various ways digitization is integrated within […]

The Digital Factory and Formlabs User Summit on transformative manufacturing

The Digital Factory Conference and Formlabs User Summit has returned to Boston with leaders in dentistry, medicine, aerospace and automotive gathered to discuss the impact of new technologies such as 3D printing and how it’s transforming manufacturing. 3D Printing Industry joined the conference to learn more. Now in its third edition, Formlabs, the Massachusetts-based manufacturer […]

Best Non-FFF 3D Printer of the Year 2019: the Wildcard Update

The 3D Printing Industry Awards is a celebration of new technologies, innovations, materials and the best 3D printers of the year. In the lead up to our third annual event, the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards, we’ve been sharing the Wildcard nominees that you think have missed the shortlist this year. So far, this has […]

Formlabs stellt mit Form 3 und Form 3L zwei neue 3D-Drucker vor

Formlabs Form 3 und Form 3LDer US-3D-Drucker-Hersteller Formlabs hat mit den Modellen Form 3 und Form 3L zwei neue 3D-Drucker vorgestellt. Mit den beiden 3D-Drucker verspricht der Hersteller mehr Druckgenauigkeit und deutlich größere Druckformate als gegenüber all seinen Vorgängermodellen. Dafür setzt Formlabs auf das selbst entwickelte Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)-3D-Druckverfahren.

Formlabs announces Form 3 3D printer, enters large-scale SLA with Form 3L

Today, just over three years since the launch of the Form 2, Massachusetts based 3D printer OEM Formlabs announced the forthcoming availability of two new SLA systems: the Form 3 and the Form 3L. Building on the company’s core expertise, these two systems are powered by a new Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology, developed to improve […]

Formlabs präsentiert neue 3D-Drucker Form 3 und Form 3L

Der US-amerikanische 3D-Drucker-Hersteller Formlabs erweitert sein Produktangebot um zwei neue Geräte, basierend auf der Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ Technologie. Formlabs hat zwei neue 3D-Druck-Systeme auf der Hannover Messe vorgestellt. Hierbei handelt es sich um professionelle Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) 3D-Drucker mit den Bezeichnungen Form 3 und Form 3L. LFS 3D-Druck ist eine weiterentwickelte Form der [...]

Der Beitrag Formlabs präsentiert neue 3D-Drucker Form 3 und Form 3L erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

3D Printing Research CrAMmed: DTU, TU Delft, and Imperial College London

In this edition of CrAMed, our academic additive manufacturing digest, we bring you the latest literature on metamaterials, 4D printing, regenerative medicine, multimaterial 3D printing and more from leading institutions around the globe. 3D printing better bones In recent years, 3D printing has helped make important breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Continuing this trend, […]

Formlabs: Stefan Holländer führt das Europa-Geschäft, Jikun Jim wird neuer CFO

Formlabs Logo 2014 05 1 300x67 - Formlabs: Stefan Holländer führt das Europa-Geschäft, Jikun Jim wird neuer CFO

Stefan Holländer führt ab sofort das Europa-Geschäft von Formlabs, dem Anbieter von leistungsstarken und benutzerfreundlichen 3D-Druck-Systemen. Jikun Kim übernimmt die Rolle des Chief Financial Officer. Beide Führungskräfte verfügen über langjährige strategische Managementerfahrung und Beratungskompetenz in stark wachsenden innovativen internationalen Technologieunternehmen. „Jikun und Stefan werden uns in der nächsten Phase unseres stetigen Wachstums entscheidend unterstützen“, sagt [...]

Der Beitrag Formlabs: Stefan Holländer führt das Europa-Geschäft, Jikun Jim wird neuer CFO erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.