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Anycubic Comes to Formnext with New Offerings

anycubic-formnext-featured-imageIt’s been a busy week for 3D printer manufacturer Anycubic this week, as they have just released a duo of new resin printers and they will be appearing at the Formnext conference which runs from November 16 to 19 in Frankfurt, Germany. As well as releasing the two new Anycubic Photon Mono 4K and Anycubic […]

Anycubic Releases Duo of New 3D Printers Today

anycubic new 3D printersAnycubic has today launched their latest resin-based LCD 3D printers, which includes a 6K resolution desktop model and also a budget friendly 4K version. Read on to know more about the new duo of resin printers! High Resolution Resin First up, let’s take a look at the 6K resin printer which is called the Anycubic […]

Modix Rolls out New Reliability and UX Enhancements

modix-new-add-ons-2021-featuredThere is good news for fans of Modix this week, as the company has announced a line of upgrades all designed to improve reliability and the user experience for customers. Read on to know more about the new add-ons from Modix. Reliability at Scale Large format FDM printing is an entirely different ballgame when compared […]

German Company Designs AM Moon Bike

Dresden-based motorbike company Hookie has recently revealed a concept for a Moon bike, which features 3D printed polymer wheels. The bike is named Tardigrade, after the small creature famed for its ability to survive the hard vacuum and radiation environment of space. According to the Hookie website, the bike was named as such because “Tardigrades […]

Hidden Picasso Recreated with 3D Printing

Pablo Picasso, like many geniuses of the art world, went through some hard times in his early days. Being broke and fairly destitute at one stage in his life, he could barely even afford painting materials and canvases, and on occasion was forced to paint over previous works in order to recycle canvases.. Some of […]

Researchers Print Biomimicking Gas Sensors

A team of researchers from Trinity College and AMBER (SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research), both in Dublin, Ireland have successfully printed microscopic gas sensors which mimic color change mechanisms seen on peacocks. The findings have been published in a paper titled “Direct laser writing of vapor-responsive photonic arrays” in the latest […]

BLB Industries Rebrands and Gets New HQ

Masterbatch pellets blb industries xl 3d printersSwedish printer manufacturer BLB Industries has announced that it has rebranded as “Industry”, and that they will be adopting new (green) strategies for the company moving onward. Industry is a renowned manufacturer of FGF systems (fused granule fabrication), which uses thermoplastic granules rather than filament to print 3D plastic parts. You can read more about […]

CNT-infused Polymeric Inks Yield Promising Results

polymer-featuredA team of researchers from Michigan Technological University have demonstrated printing of carbon nanotube (CNT) infused epoxy inks, and have published a paper recently in the Additive Manufacturing journal sharing the results. The research compared printed structures made from epoxy, nanoclay, and various concentrations of the CNTs ( 0.25, 0.5, and 1 % by volume). […]

GE, Voxeljet and Fraunhofer Institute to Build World’s Largest 3D Printer

GE Renewable Energy is joining forces with researchers at Fraunhofer IGCV and printer company Voxeljet AG to manufacture the world’s largest 3D printer. The printer will be used for the production of molds for creating large composite components for GE’s next generation Haliade-X offshore wind turbines. In particular, the engineers are looking to use this […]

ASICS 3D Printed Generatively Designed Sandals Coming Soon

Sandals, slippers, thongs, flip-flops…call them what you will. They are extremely utilitarian in their design, and generally speaking they are pretty easy to manufacture also. So given their simplicity of design and manufacture, why on earth would anyone want to 3D print them? Sure, it might be a fun experiment to try on your 3D […]