NRC Canada and AP&C develop new method of metal powder analysis

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and GE Additive spherical powder specialist AP&C have developed a method for anaylzing metal additive powders. Currently validated for use titanium the method is capable of detecting particle contamination, and assessing the properties of a material to avoid potentially critical faults in 3D printed parts for medicine and […]

„Calligraffitti“-Künstler Pokras Lampas verziert 3D-gedruckte Replik der sowjetischen Skulptur „Mädchen mit dem Ruder“

Teil der Skulptur Kopie von LampasDer Künstler Pokras Lampas ist bekannt für seinen „Calligrafitti“-Stil, einem Mix aus Graffiti und Kalligrafie. Bekannte Marken wie Lamborghini, FENDI, Pirelli oder Adidas schätzen seine Arbeiten sehr. Sein neuestes Projekt ist eine Hommage an das berühmte „Mädchen mit einem Ruder“-Skulptur der Sowjetunion, die er per 3D-Drucker repliziert und mit Kalligrafie modern verziert wurde.

Forscher der Universität von Sydney entwickeln iFix-BioPen, der bei Augenverletzungen helfen soll

iFix-PenMitarbeiter der Universität von Sydney und der Universität Wollongong haben einen Biopen entwickelt, der bei der Behandlung von Augenverletzungen helfen soll. Der Stift enthält eine spezielle Tinte, die zur Behandlung von Augenwunden verwendet wird, die aktive Wundheilung fördert und Narbenbildung reduziert. Die Entwickler werden mit 1,1 Millionen US-Dollar vom NSW Medical Devices Fund für ihren iFix-Biopen unterstützt.

Makelab partners with AMFG for automated 3D printing on-demand

Brooklyn-based on-demand 3D printing service bureau, Makelab, has partnered with automation software developer AMFG. With the help of AMFG’s software utilities, Makelab is to streamline it’s 3D printing service requests in response to high demand.  According to Christina Perla, Makelab co-founder, there was a clear need to partner with AMFG. Perla said, “as we scale […]

Tethon Developing Ceramic/Metal DLP 3D Printer

Tethon 3D have just unveiled plans to develop a new ceramic and metal desktop DLP printer. The company has already procured a grant from Nebraska Department of Economic Development to go ahead with the project. The new multi-material printer will be unique in the realm of 3D printers, being designed for both metal feedstock and ceramics with […]

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WashU Builds Lotus House Sustainable 3D Printed Residence

The 3D printing construction industry is taking off with a bang all over the world. From new materials and techniques to housing projects, construction has gone from a pipe dream to a reality very quickly. Now, students from Washington University have built their own 3D printed house, showcasing the abilities of additive manufacturing in this […]

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Tethon 3D awarded means to develop ceramic/metal DLP 3D printer

Tethon 3D, a ceramic 3D printing material specialist headquartered in Nebraska, has received a grant to develop a multi-material DLP 3D printer. The grant was awarded by the University of Nebraska, that will also provide the company with technical support. For now, the amount of the awarded grant remains undisclosed.   Dave Rippe, director of […]

Watch: Desktop Metal previews LiveParts 1.5 generative design software

Desktop Metal, an award-winning metal 3D printer manufacturer based in Burlington, Massachusetts, has debuted an updated version of its generative design platform Live Parts.  Live Parts 1.5 includes a new seed cell feature, Connections, which automatically links fixed and forced surfaces of a 3D model, creating faster, more efficient 3D model outputs. Rather than working with […]