InstantCAD: Plug-In zur einfachen Bearbeitung und Optimierung von CAD-Modellen

Das Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) des Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hat mit InstantCAD ein Plug-In für CAD-Software entwickelt, welches es Anwendern ermöglicht bestehende 3D-Modelle einfach zu bearbeiten und anzupassen. Ziel ist es Designer dabei zu unterstützen bessere Produkte mit geringerem Zeitaufwand zu kreieren. Mit InstantCAD können Designer CAD-Modelle in einem rationelleren […]

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Discovering opportunities for biopolymers in 3D printing

Driven by the progress of 3D printing technology, printable thermoplastics have been developed to meet the wide range of possible applications, such as functional prototyping, molds and tooling, and final part production. However, the few printable thermoplastics made from biological materials have limited applications, leading to concerns over environmental issues similar to those faced in […]

DragonFly 2020 3D printer transforms PHYTEC PCB production

In November 2016, Israel’s Nano Dimension (TASE: NNDM) announced that PHYTEC, one of the largest PCB manufacturers in the world, was to be one of the first recipients of a DragonFly 2020 3D printer. Now a new video demonstrates how 3D printing is integrated within PHYTEC’s product development cycle. Nano Dimension shows how the 3D-printed […]

Designing And Building A Robot

Introduction To Robotics And Robot Making 

For a hundred years, robots, automatons or otherwise synthetic assistants have been part of our popular culture. While they’ve mostly been restricted to the silver screen, thanks to increasingly affordable and powerful electronics, making robots has never been easier. Now, if you’ve got the determination and a few bucks to spare, you can design and build a robot to your liking.

Although robotics is more accessible than ever,

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