Monthly Archives: Juli 2016

Mesh Mould: 3D printing complex metal mesh structures for construction sites

Last year, our attention was turned towards a project developed by Gramazio Kohler Research and scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), which showed real promise within the field of 3D printing construction. The project, called Mesh Mould 3D, consisted of developing a method to 3D print continuous mesh structures for the creation of large-scale geometrically complex in-situ structures. At the time, the project was in its first phase and was working with the extrusion of polymer based materials. Now, almost a year later, Mesh Mould 3D has entered into its second phase: Mesh Mould Metal.

IDC: Japan 3D printing market worth 34.5 billion yen in 2015 despite decreasing 3D printer sales

Who says that 3D printing is mostly a western affair? The technology is also a huge hit in East Asia, where new startups are popping up everywhere and large corporations are steadily adopting 3D printing opportunities. In fact, in Japan alone the 3D printing market grew with 4.4 percent over 2015, with total sales reaching 34.5 billion yen – or approximately $330 million USD. This has become apparent from the latest study by the Japanese branch of The International Data Corporation (IDC). What’s more, the IDC believes that the Japanese 3D printing market will double in value by 2020 – reaching 70.2 billion yen ($670 million USD).

Safety First Arms makes gun ownership safer with 3D printed SMART 2 firearm featuring PIN lock

3D printed guns are, by far, the most controversial topic within the 3D printing community. But now there’s at least one 3D printed firearm that everyone can approve of. It’s called the SMART 2, and it has been developed by San Diego-based startup Safety First Arms. Based on the iconic Glock 17 pistol, this 3D printed firearm features two safety measures (a PIN lock and an alarm) that makes this gun safe to keep within your home, pointless to steal and impossible for children to accidentally fire.

South Korean government to offer significant tax exemptions for 3D printing R&D

If you or your company have been struggling to raise the funding for innovative research and development within the 3D printing industry, you might consider relocating to South Korea. In a recent announcement, the South Korean government has stated it is planning to expand tax benefits for R&D within a number of tech industries, including 3D printing, robotics and more. The tax benefit plan is hoping to encourage innovation within the country, boost employment, and make South Korea a stronger competitor on the global market.