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Unborn babies come to life through new full-color ultrasound 3D printing service

As 3D scanning, 3D modeling and of course, 3D printing become more affordable and technically-easier to use, their uses for bringing previously two-dimensional images into the real world as physical objects has been growing at an exponential rate. Recent software such as Smoothie-3D has made this possible as well as 3D printing services that can turn a child’s artwork into a 3D print with just a few simple steps.

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Youth for Technology spearheading 3D printing program for African girls

Although 3D printing has been responsible for drastically changing technology and manufacturing in developed countries, it is also having just as much - if not an even bigger - impact on countries where technology is oftentimes outdated and in some cases, completely made with DIY approaches.

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The basics of home 3D printing in 2015

Reflections after 16 hours with a new 3D printer

As a spectator, it may appear like 3D printers are getting closer than ever to being as easy to use as a desktop inkjet printer. For those who have purchased (or indeed built) their own 3D printer over the last few years, you’d know that this is not the case. There is a lot of tweaking, upgrading and also patience required to get this amazing technology up and running in your own home.

Scott Hanselman plunged into the world of 3D printing and has published an hour-by-hour account of his first two days (16 hours of ‘working’ time) with the Printrbot printer. It’s an engaging tale of triumphs and woes, with much useful advice for others who may be wondering whether to purchase a printer of their own in the near future.

I’ve been using this printer now for basically 16 total hours over a few days, so we’ll call it two days. I went through a number of emotions over this last two days an learned a TON, some about the Printrbot Simple Metal specifically, but also about 3D Printing in general.

Click through to read the full account and discover why Scott’s concluding thoughts are positive and optimistic about the future of home 3D printing.

via Scott Hanselman

The beloved Pancake Bot to reach mass market in third iteration

For those of you who recall the second iteration of the PancakeBot printer from last year, prepare yourselves. For those missed it, just know that there’s a maker out there by the name of Miguel Valenzuela who created a LEGO-based CNC machine that can print out pancakes straight onto the griddle. That was a makeshift rig made of LEGO mindstorms (robot sets) with ketchup bottles for batter dispensers, only really capable of printing out plain old pancakes.

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Virginia Tech Researchers Take to reddit for AMA on 3D Printing Materials

By Andrew Wheeler

As scientists work towards pushing the range of materials available for 3D printing further outside of plastics and metals, we can anticipate new 3D printing applications blossom at a slow but increasingly predictable manner. A group of scientists, engineers, and researchers at Virginia Tech’s Design, Research, and Education for Additive Manufacturing Systems (DREAM) Lab have 3D printed objects from a conductive polymer using an ionic liquid.
According to a post on Chemical and Engineering News, the team “built millimeter-sized objects with the ionic liquid 4-vinylbenzyl trioctyl phosphonium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonate)imide.…

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Singleton 3D Printed from Grey Goo as 7-Foot-Tall Life Sized Robot

By Davide Sher

As the video game developers, Grey Box, put it, this is “process junkie nirvana”: Gentle Giant Studios, 3D Systems’ entertainment division, just shot an amazing “making of” video for the stereolithographic 3D printing of a life size “Singleton” robot, a character in the new real time strategy videogame Grey Goo.

As most people who read 3DPI know (but it can be useful to repeat it occasionally) stereolithographic (SLA) technology has no inherent limit in size, as the laser which photo-activates the resin materials traces every single dot in the object’s layers (unlike DLP, which digitally projects an image and is thus bound by the projector’s resolution).…

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3DPI.TV – Replacing Oil Based Materials for 3D Printing


As the industrialized nations of the world work to ween themselves off fossil fuels, it’s important to find manufacturing materials that aren’t derived from oil. UK-based Biome Bioplastics is attempting to get an edge in this important market by creating sustainable polymers made from plants. And, in seeking to replace unsustainable plastics in the 3D printing industry, they’ve released a biodegradable plastic filament called Biom3D, which they believe will adequately supplant other materials made from oil.
Working with 3Dom Filaments, the bioplastic developer has launched a biodegradable filament that yields better print finishes, and is easier for 3D printers to process, leading to higher printing speeds.…

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Pornstars Get Physical with Eroticart’s 3D Printing (NSFW)

By Davide Sher

Have you heard the saying among consumer technology fans that no new technology can truly make it to the mainstream until users find some way to use it for porn, or for sex? It has been true for DVDs overtaking VHS, as well as for the Web rapidly blowing up. Including the rise of 3D printed sex toys, the technology is still staking its place in the world of pornography. One might be to make custom miniature pornstars, an area in which Berlin-based Eroticart-shop is on the front lines.…

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Speaker Spotlight: Ilja Laurs on Customizable 3D Printed Game Characters

The Materialise World Conference is fast approaching and we would like to take this opportunity to present some of the inspiring speakers who will illustrate the many ways that 3D Printing services and solutions can add value in the realm of consumer products. See them in person on April 24th and 25th in Brussels and Leuven and participate in our two-day program full of workshops and conferences that will give you inspiration and the technical know-how to turn your ideas into 3D printed reality. 

This week, our feature presenter is Ilja Laurs, venture capitalist behind the customizable 3D printed game characters Cut the Rope, Pou, Talking Tom and the Tribez.

materialise world conference

Ilja Laurs is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Eastern Europe. After selling GetJar – the world’s largest independent app store – he founded Nextury Ventures and now invests in the most promising tech companies in the region, from 3D Printing to mind-reading and beyond.

Ilja was named “European Manager of the Year 2011” by the European Business Press Association and one of the “25 European Tech Leaders” by the Wall Street Journal, was ranked one of the “Top 40 Most Influential People in Mobile Communications” by Informa Telecoms and Media, and TIME believes that he runs one of “10 Startups That Will Change Your Life”.

Ilja Laurs

Ilja Laurs, Delfi

A serial entrepreneur since 1999, Ilja has launched a diverse range of successful projects including Lithuania’s largest hotel reservation system,, mobile payment service MicroPay, mobile games studio Midas Mobile, and GetJar, a successful mobile app marketplace.


In 2014, Ilja co-founded the company Toyze, the first “app store” for 3D Printed customizable game characters. From smartphone to shelf, it allows gamers to 3D model and print their favorite game characters. Toyze aims to democratize and stir up the toy market by offering game developers of all sizes the opportunity to extend their branded characters to custom merchandising.

Laurs started the company as part of an early-stage investment fund he created in Lithuania. Zeptolab, whose games have been downloaded more than 500 million times, liked the idea so much that they became an investor and gave Toyze permission to create characters based on their game “Cut the Rope”.

Customizable 3D printable game character based on “Cut the Rope”

Once they’ve downloaded the app, users can find, customize and order 3D Prints of their favorite characters from “Cut the Rope”, “Talking Tom and Friends“, “Pou“ and “The Tribez“. Earlier this month, the company announced that more than 1 million 3D models had been created via its app.

Ilja believes that this success is a result of the customization that 3D Printing has to offer: “You will be able to print your own Superman. And nobody else in the world will have exactly the same toy.” He also thinks that his company “will help brands build communities and expand their merchandising” even further.

Toyze and i.materialise worked together to ensure the figurines are 3D Printed in one of the highest-quality materials fit for public consumption – multicolor gloss. This material prints in color and is solidly weighted (similar to smooth stone or wood). Its smooth gloss finish intensifies dark and vibrant colors, a necessity for printing bright cartoon characters.

“Toyze takes your favorite game characters out of the game and brings them to life in 3D. Now even a 3-year-old can design his/her own 3D toy. It’s that engaging and that easy. Our plan is to eventually feature all the major video and computer game characters – and then go beyond that to comics and movie characters.”

– Ilja Laurs

Ready to meet serial entrepreneur Ilja Laurs? Then join us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Materialise at the World Conference on April 24–25, 2015 in Brussels and Leuven. Come hear inspiring speakers such as Ilja who will speak about “Customizable 3D Printed Game Characters“ or Zbyněk Krulich (Designer & Owner of Blueberries Jewelry) and Caroline Das (Co-founder DAMN), who will illustrate how 3D Printing services and solutions can add value to the realm of consumer products. Stay tuned on our blog as we announce and present new speakers every week.

materialise world conference

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