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A Copy of the Open Source, 3D Printed Robot Pops Up in the UK

By Michael Molitch-Hou

Does this fella look familiar? That’s because it’s Gaël Langevin’s open source, 3D printed InMoov robot. Only, it’s not Gaël’s. It’s a copy, made by a group of researchers at the University of Lincoln in the UK. Dr. John Murray, from the School of Computer Science, has downloaded Gaël’s friend and 3D printed it himself. And Dr. Murray’s not even calling it InMoov! He’s calling it MARC (Multi-Actuated Robotic Companion). So, who’s this MARC fella?
MARC, it seems, has been assembled, along with another robot, to help Lincoln scientists study how to enhance the relationship between humans and robots.…

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3D Printing’s Potential for Space Apps Is Getting Astronauts’ Imagination Flying

By Davide Sher

We have said it before, 3D printing and space are a “match made in heaven;” 3D printing is also good at getting people’s imaginations to “go where no one has gone before.” There are so many potential applications of 3D printing in space and we are only just beginning to take the lid off them.
In fact, astronauts themselves are now beginning to discover them and that is really going to make a difference. You may remember that some weeks ago we interviewed Jane Poynter, CEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation and one of the thinkers behind the Inspiration Mars projects, on 3D printing’s potential in her work.…

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Sigma Labs Files Patent for 3D Printing Quality Control Sensor System

By Michael Molitch-Hou

Sigma Labs, developers of the in-process quality control system PrintRite3D, has been hoping to establish itself as a necessary part of integrating 3D printing into mainstream manufacturing.  After signing deals with large OEMs, like Honeywell, the company continues to push its quality control technology further, most recently filing a patent for a “sensor invention” that will improve additive manufacturing quality control.
On March 25, Sigma Labs filed a patent for a “unique sensor invention that will significantly enhance the ability to improve the quality of additive manufacturing processes especially for critical metal parts like those for aerospace, automotive and defense.” As potentially dull as a sensor might be, the aerospace and defense manufacturers have been demanding better quality control and reliability on the part of 3D printer manufacturers.…

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3D Printing Helping Make Philadelphia the ‘Workshop of the World’ Again

( In the 1880s, Philadelphia earned itself the designation of the “workshop of the world,” owing the honor to its diverse manufacturing output spread across a number of small enterprises in the city. That reputation has long since faded, but may be returning thanks to 3D printing. Many Philadelphians have begun to harness 3D printing’s seemingly endless applicability—and that trend could stand to put the city back on top as the world’s leading workshop. “Philadelphia has been a city of innovation since the birth of the country,” says Brandon Boulden, 3D Printing manager for Graduate Hospital-based NextFab Studio. “And I believe many individuals are tapping into a spirit that is still present in citizens here.”

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Philips Debuts 3D Printed Smart Lamps

(Fast Company) Recently named one of Fast Company‘s Most Innovative Companies in design, Philips is showing off 3D printed, artistic smart lamps that serve almost like functional art pieces. For this project, Philips teamed up with design teams WertelOberfell and Strand+Hvass to create table and pendant luminaries, which will be available for preorder March 31st for $3,500 to $4,150. The futuristic lamps will be also be displayed at the Philips Forum at Light and Building show in Frankfurt from March 31 to April 4.

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How 3D Printing Will Create On-Demand Swarms Of Disposable Drones

(GIZMODO) New advances in 3D printing are making it not only possible but also viable to manufacture cheap, print-on-demand, disposable drones designed simply to soar off over the horizon and never come back. Some British engineers did just that, and this is only the beginning. Their ultimate vision is to create cheap and potentially disposable UAVs that could be built and deployed in remote situations potentially within as little as 24 hours. Forward-operating teams equipped with 3D printers could generate their own semi-autonomous micro-air force squadrons or airborne surveillance swarms, a kind of first-strike desktop printing team hurling disposable drones into the sky.

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Using Laser Additive Manufacturing to Make Ear Implants with Memory

(Industrial Lasers)  The scientists at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. are using 3D printing to manufacture tiny implants with a memory function or complex shapes, such as the cochlea of the human inner ear. In the field of medical technology, laser additive manufacturing (LAM) opens up new ways of healing. Inserting an implant into the tiny cochlea requires utmost care. During the procedure, the surgeon runs the risk of destroying intact sensory cells which would even further decrease the hearing ability of the patient. The micrometer-small cochlea replicas that the surgeons use to practice the procedure are manufactured using LAM technology. The Surface Technology Group at LZH goes one step further: in cooperation with the Hannover Medical School, the group is developing implants that change their shape due to temperature changes during the surgery and will make insertion much easier.

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Italian iNvent One 3D Printer Launches on Indiegogo

( Italian 3D print startup MakerDreams has just launched its iNvent One 3D printer on indiegogo. Created by brothers Luca and Frederico Faggiotto, iNvent One is a plug-in-and-play machine which features a build volume of 11.02 x 8.2 x 7.8 inches and 100 micron quality. Since the start of last year, the duo has been working on a 3D printer that is stylish, user-friendly and affordable. They designed the product from scratch. The entire chassis is made of highly recyclable aluminum and other materials, without the use of toxic substances. It uses linear guidance systems with recirculating ball bearing carriers.

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Ultimaker Announces New CEO

(Ultimaker) Ultimaker announced the appointment of co-founder Siert Wijnia as the new CEO of Ultimaker B.V., effective March 28, 2014. Co-founders Martijn Elserman and Erik de Bruijn will take on supporting roles responsible for the Ultimaker Experience and Evangelizing 3D printing, respectively. The change comes as a result of a newly defined growth strategy in which the founders will take on a more prominent role in defining the path forward. The three co-founders expressed gratitude for the role of interim CEO Henk van Gils who has guided the company the past two years.

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