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Erster 3D-Drucker: Computer Aided Modeling Machine CAMM3

Einem Bericht des US Fernsehsenders FOX zufolge, soll der erste 3D-Drucker nicht Mitte der 80er Jahren von Charles W. Hull sondern Anfang der 80er Jahre vom Amerikaner Bill Masters erfunden worden sein. Der Erfinder Bill Masters aus Greenville (South Carolina) hält dem Bericht zufolge mehr als 50 Patente, darunter auch 3 der derzeit bekannten 6 3D-Druckverfahren. Im […]

Mexico Has its First 3D Printing Shop

Mexico has its own 3D printing shop, which is now located in Hermosillo, Sonora. The name of the shop is Ideaz 3D and it has as much as five desktop 3D printers, including printers from MakerBot and Ultimaker as well as two 3D scanners from MakerBot and Kinect. Ideaz 3D lets customers design their own smartphone wrap case in-store and get it printed directly.

But the shop offers a lot more to its customers. They are enabled to create unique items, such as bracelets, rings, earrings, lamps, toys, robotic prototypes for their home or office. Customers can also scan themselves in order to get a 3D printed version of themselves, a service Shapify momentarily offers online and Dutch company 3DSVP offered during the Amsterdam Dance Event last month.

However, Ideaz 3D also adds something to the game: with a 3D Photo booth, customers can scan themselves in order to 3D print a replica of themselves. Customers have to stand on a turntable, hold position for a while and after some minutes a scan will be made and displayed on a screen. When this is done, they can choose the color, material and the size of the sculpture.

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The team behind Ideaz 3D came up with the idea in December last year and not even a year later, on November 22nd, the store opened doors. It makes Ideaz 3D the first 3D printing retail shop in Mexico and the second in Latin America. Carolina Manguia says about this to 3ders: ”It was a mixture of ideas from three partners. My husband is a technology lover, my brother works with this technology and I like all the creative stuff.” She adds: ”It would be great contribution to introduce 3D printing technology into education. Just image how much children could learn from the technology and all the possibilities.”

In comparison to western standards, Ideaz 3D has low prices, that will depend on how long it will take to print out the stuff. You could think of circa 95 pesos per our plus tax, which means approximately 7 dollars.

Images by Ideaz 3D.

General Electric feiert den “3D Printing Day”

General Electric (NYSE:GE), einer der weltweit größten Mischkonzerne, hat in Zusammenarbeit mit Makerbot, 3D Systems und Autodesk für den 3. Dezember den “3D Printing Day” ausgerufen. Passend zum Datum wird die Aktion unter ein Weihnachtsthema gestellt. Mit Hilfe von Prominente wurden Modelle entworfen, die man am 3. Dezember individualisiert als Weihnachtsgeschenk gewinnen kann. Um an […]

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A New Prototype of a Food 3D Printer

Barcelona based start-up Natural Machines wants to bring 3D Printing to home kitchens. Meet Foodini, a prototype 3D Printing kitchen appliance that can be used for printing different types of ingredients, such as chocolate and pasta. The creators of Foodini would like to see 3d printing used in making every day savory foods from ravioli to gnocchi. The prototype is only able to print one ingredient at a time, so creating a hamburger for instance will take a few steps.…

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Black Friday Offers and A LulzBot Deal for Cyber Monday!

Following a host of Black Friday deals from many 3D printer manufacturers, Aleph Objects, makers of the LulzBot 3D desktop printer, is offering what it calls ‘extreme discounts for engineers, DIY-ers and prototypers’. What this essentially means is that from 12:01 a.m. MST, on Monday, December 2, makers can get in virtual line at the company’s website to take advantage of a one-time, one-day offer on the LulzBot TAZ 2 when it will be available for $1,995 (instead of $2,395) as well as up to 50% off on hardware, electronics and filament.…

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Most Read Articles from Last Week – November 30

3D Printing Graphene Project Goes Live Slowly, the endeavour by American Graphite Technologies Inc. and the Kharkiv Institute of Physics & Technology (“KIPT”) to engineer 3D printable graphene is coming to fruition. In May, we announce… Apple Files A Host of Patents Related to Liquidmetal and 3D Printing One of the biggest (and most secretive) companies in the world is always going to court a vast amount of speculation.…

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