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Large-scale 3D printed sculptures to debut at York Mediale, a new digital art festival

As part of the York Mediale festival 2018, British-Colombian artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez will exhibit a new series of large-scale 3D printed sculptures examining the future of manufacturing, digital fabrication and the creative potential of 3D printing. Plummer-Fernandez has designed his pieces using a mixture of scripted algorithms and 3D software. They will be manufactured by […]

An interview with 3D printed fashion designer and researcher Mingjing Lin

3D Printing Industry has followed the work of innovative fashion designer and PhD researcher Mingjing Lin for some time. Most recently, I attended an exclusive performance of Farewell My Concubine by Beijing Opera singers at the Royal College of Art, London (RCA) to see how Mingjing Lin and Tsai-Chun Huang are working with Polish SLS […]

3D Printing News Sliced BAE Systems, Lockheed-Martin and Renishaw

In this edition of 3D printing news Sliced, we have stories from BAE Systems, Lockheed-Martin, Renishaw, Vodafone, MSYS, DARPA, the Royal College of Art, the University of Alabama, ASRC, Nano Dimension, Carl Zeiss, Nanoscribe, MASSIVit 3D, Tytus 3D and Xometry. Rocket powered 3D printing Reaction Engine Inc, a subsidiary of aircraft manufacturer Reaction Engines, has […]

3D Weaver: Flexible Materialien 3D drucken

Wir haben schon viele Projekte gesehen, die sich mit 3D-Druck von Textilien wie OpenKnit beschäftigt. Die bisher präsentierten Geräte waren jedoch sehr experimentell oder nur in der Theorie vorhanden. Ein Student des Royal College of Art, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, hat für seine Diplom-Arbeit nun den 3D Weaver entwickelt. Dieses Gerät webt drei­di­men­si­o­nal. Das Projekt mit dem […]

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Designers Have Come Up With 3D Printed Watch for Space Exploration

( Two designers at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London have drawn on 3D printing technology and high-tech materials to design a prototype watch that can meet the needs of future space missions.  A watch worn by astronauts on a manned mission to Venus must withstand surface temperatures of  860 degrees, a crushing atmospheric pressure and swirling clouds with a steady drizzle of sulfuric acid. Tibor Balint and Julian Melchiorri of the RCA’s Innovation Design Engineering department have come up with a design for the Venus Concept Watch 1.0 that includes a 3D printed titanium body, sapphire crystal for the glass, nylon parachute ribbon for the watchband and a laser cut 2D woven carbon fiber sheet for the face.  Using 3D printing allowed Balint and Melchiorri to create thin and complex internal structures that resulted in a light but strong design “echoing the requirements of past, present and future space missions.”

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