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3D printing news Sliced UL, Kwambio, CyBe, University of Tokyo

A surge of academic projects, business deals, innovative applications and eye catching designs feature in this edition of Sliced, carrying the momentum of 3D printing through into the new year. This article features the latest news from  from the likes of UL, Arburg, Kwambio, the University of Tokyo, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and […]

Bloodhound SSC: 3D gedrucktes Lenkrad für das schnellste Auto der Welt

Bloodhound SSC ist das erste Fahrzeug, welches über 1000 Meilen pro Stunde (1609 Kilometer pro Stunde) fahren kann. Im Sommer 2015 will Andy Green in Südafrika mit dem Raketenauto seinen eigenen Rekord brechen. Bisher wurde der Rekord von dem Fahrzeug ThrustSSC (Thrust SuperSonic Car) gehalten, welches ebenfalls von Green gelenkt wurde (763 Meilen pro Stunde) […]

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1,000 MPH Car Has 3D Printed Titanium Steering Wheel

(Microfabricator) Bloodhound SSC is the world’s first 1,000 mph car and it will begin its land speed record campaign in South Africa in the summer of 2015. The current World Land Speed Record of 763 mph is held by Thrust SSC, which was driven by Andy Green in 1997 and developed by Bloodhound’s Project Director Richard Noble and his team. Green was the first person to break the sound barrier on land and will drive the Bloodhound at its top speed in 2015. The steering wheel was 3D printed in titanium, shaped to Green’s hands and finger reach to give the absolute best ergonomic grip. The steering wheel has buttons on the front control the EMCOM radio, airbrakes and parachutes, with triggers on the rear of the handgrips to prime and fire the rockets.

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