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Desktop Metal welcomes former General Electric CEO to Board of Directors

Desktop Metal, a Burlington, Massachusetts based metal 3D printer manufacturer, has announced that the former Chairman and CEO of the General Electric Company, Jeffrey Immelt will join the company’s Board of Directors. Immelt joined GE in 1982, fresh from an MBA at Harvard. In 2001, Immelt succeeded Jack Welch as CEO of GE. Of today’s […]

3D Printing is Taking Center Stage at GE

(MotleyFool) General Electric could be a valuable case study for those curious about how 3D printing will usher in the so-called “next industrial revolution.” The transition from prototyping to parts to processes will take time to unfold, but GE’s already pushing the envelope by integrating 3D printing into a new era of manufacturing. GE believes 3D printing should go hand-in-hand with other technologies to bring its concept of “advanced manufacturing” to life. In GE’s factory of the future, 3D printing could touch every step of the production process, and this manufacturing revolution could arrive sooner than you think. The 3D printing revolution won’t happen overnight. In GE’s factories in Cincinatti, Louisville and Greenville, however, it’s already starting to take root.

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