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Lightbulb moment for LEDs and nanoscale 3D printing at Penn State

A team working out how to maximize the amount of light emitted by LED lightbulbs has made a discovery using nanoscale 3D printing. Through studying the natural light-producing capabilities of bioluminescent bugs, Penn State researchers have pinpointed the microscopic qualities of insects with the brightest glow. Using high precision 3D printing, the team then recreated these […]

Penn State researchers integrate ‘Embodied Logic’ into 3D printed smart objects

Engineers from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) have created bioinspired 3D printed structures that move and react to its environment. Such objects do not require electronically-integrated systems, but, much like the venus fly trap, uses atmospheric stimuli to operate; the Penn State team have dubbed this as “embodied logic”. The […]

Forscher der Penn State experimentieren mit 3D-gedrucktem porösem Gewebe

PennState 3d knochen porös 300x229 - Forscher der Penn State experimentieren mit 3D-gedrucktem porösem Gewebe

Forscher der Penn State arbeiten aktuell an Verbesserungen für biologischen 3D-Druck von menschlichem Gewebe. Dafür haben sie ein neues Verfahren entwickelt, bei dem poröses Gewebe erzeugt wird. 3D-Bioprinting hat noch eine Vielzahl an Problemen und Schwächen, die ausgemerzt werden müssen, bevor 3D-gedruckte Organe oder Gewebeteile Realität werden. Eines der Probleme ist, dass unklar ist wie [...]

Der Beitrag Forscher der Penn State experimentieren mit 3D-gedrucktem porösem Gewebe erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

Penn State plant „Super-Finishing-Labor“ für 3D-gedruckte Metallteile

Penn State plant Super Finishing Labor für 3D gedruckte Metallteile 300x198 - Penn State plant "Super-Finishing-Labor" für 3D-gedruckte Metallteile

Die Pennsylvania State University plant die Eröffnung eines „Super-Finishing-Labor“ für 3D-gedruckte Metallteile. In diesem sollen roh 3D-gedruckte Metall-Komponenten bis zur fertigen Produktmontage weiterverarbeitet werden. Ob es sich nun um einen auflösbaren Support für Metall-3D-Drucker oder doch um Mikrofasern als strukturelle Basis für 3D-gedruckte Körperteile handelt, die Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) hat sich schon mit [...]

Der Beitrag Penn State plant „Super-Finishing-Labor“ für 3D-gedruckte Metallteile erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

3D printing entrepreneur reveals plan for 24 hour sneaker turnaround

A student entrepreneur who developed the idea, technology, and production of his own brand of custom 3D printed sneakers will see his “UnisBrands” products hit the market soon.  Nick Unis, who is currently a final year accounting and finance student at Penn State University-Altoona, has been nurturing his idea for custom running shoes since high school. […]

3D printing news Sliced WAAM, Siemens, KIT, Europac 3D

Sliced is 3D Printing Industry’s digest of all the latest additive manufacturing news features from around the world. Today’s edition includes award winners, business deals and cutting-edge research developments from both well-known and upcoming institutions and companies. Metal additive goes big in WAAM and ASME awards Committed to pushing methods of metal 3D printing beyond their […]

Chemical ghost signatures protect DED 3D printed parts from counterfeitting

IP protection is one concern that could stilt the growth of additive manufacturing for sensitive applications in high value industries such as aerospace, automotive and defence. Protection methods under investigation include embedding quantum dot signatures, microstructural manipulation and advanced encryption of the digital design files. The solution proposed by Dr. Sharon Flank et al. from InfraTrac, is […]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: PyroGenesis, Etihad Airways, Stratasys, Canada Makes, Penn State, Megumi Igarashi

In this digest of recent 3D printing news – Sliced we feature: PyroGenesis, Etihad Airways, Diehl Aerosystems, Penn State, Canada Makes, P&G, Additive Metal Manufacturing, …