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$10 million available to support 3D printing start-ups

The Entrepreneurial Universities programme will receive a NZD$10 million boost from the Government and University of Auckland (UoA). The funds will be used to support 3D printing start-ups. Education minister for New Zealand, Chris Hipkins announced the project and also the appointment of Professor Olaf Diegel. “We are fortunate to have secured Professor Diegel, a […]

New Zealand researchers reinvent the heat exchanger with 3D printing

With the potential to shakeup the design of everything from air planes to refrigerators, Dr Tim Huber and Professor Conan Fee have developed a new metal 3D printing methodology for making high-performance heat exchangers. Elaborating upon traditional cylinder and square shapes, the heat exchangers built by Huber and Fee bring new, complex designs to the […]

Green Party Wants New Zealand to Embrace 3D Printing Innovation

By Hsin-Ju Chuang

3D printed movie props, hearing aids, and orthodontic braces just aren’t cutting it – at least not for the innovative Green Party in New Zealand! Just this week, ICT spokesman Gareth Hughes unveiled an ambitious plan to investigate whether New Zealand could become a hub for 3D Printing. 3D printing featured heavily in the party’s  “Blueprint For The Future” paper, recently released, as part of its “Smart Green Innovation” package in the context of future manufacturing and education strategies.
“The Green Party in Government will establish a digital manufacturing taskforce to investigate the opportunities, identify any gaps or barriers, recommend how to encourage digital manufacturing, and investigate any regulatory and intellectual property implications,” a Green Party brochure states.…

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