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Researchers from St. Catherine University create sustainable 3D printed fashion accessories

As London Fashion Week comes to a close, designers and critics are soaking up the latest trends. Researchers from St. Catherine University in Minnesota, are also exploring how new technologies such as 3D printing can create innovative and minimal waste apparel. The findings, published in SpringerOpen, detailed sustainable 3D printed accessories such as pendants, buttons, […]

Iris van Herpen 3D printed “face jewellery” expresses hybridity at Paris Fashion Week 2019

3D printing is expanding the possibilities of design within the fashion industry by optimizing production processes, customization, and cost. The technology has become a tool for designers like Dutch artist Iris van Herpen to cover new ground, developing designs with striking features. She is often hailed as a pioneer in utilizing 3D printing as a […]

Dr. Scholl’s join trend for custom 3D printed insoles through Wiiv

Dr. Scholl’s, a foot care brand owned by the pharmaceutical company Bayer, has partnered with Wiivv to provide customized 3D printed insoles. Wiivv is a Vancouver-based technology company known for biometric insoles and developing a 3D scanning app which lets user scan their feet to customize footwear. The partnership between Wiivv and Dr. Scholl’s was announced at the on-going […]

Ganit Goldstein designs a 3D printed shoe with the help of Stratasys

Ganit Goldstein, an Israeli fashion designer, has combined 3D printing and the ancient art of weaving to make a shoe using a Stratasys 3D printer. Goldstein said, “Stratasys’ advanced 3D printing technology has opened up endless possibilities for my designs, enabling me to print any design at the voxel level in vibrant colors and a […]

STAINLESS and Utinam Besançon 3D print a metal watch

STAINLESS, an international supplier of specialist metals, and Utinam Besançon, a French clockmaker, have 3D printed a metal watch. The wristwatch was designed by Utinam’s Grand Prix winning clockmaker, Philippe Lebru and 3D printed by the company’s apprentices at the Créativ Lab of Union des industries des metiers de la metallurgie de franche comte (UIMM). Commissioned […]

3Dcopysystems’ 3D full body scanner makes waves in the fashion industry

3Dcopysystems, an Austria based company that specializes in developing and designing 3D scanning systems, has made its American market debut with its large full body scanner, BIG ALICE, at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The scanner, BIG ALICE, is a full body scanner capable of digitizing people and large, objects within a few […]

Alexis Walsh APEX SERIES Mixes Traditional Fashion With 3D Printing

3D printed fashion is providing designers with a range of tools they previously could’ve only dreamt of. With projects like on-demand, online fashion and fabric components, the fashion shows were bound to take notice. Enter Alexis Walsh and Justin Hattendorf, collaborating together to merge digital simulation, 3D printing and traditional craft. Walsh has long been experimenting with […]

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Eye-DNA releases improved 3D scanning platform for custom eyewear

Eye-DNA, an optical solutions company based in Hong Kong, has launched its latest interactive virtual kiosk – the 3DNA Eyewear system – which integrates 3D scanning and design to provide user designed and precisely fit eyewear.   “3DNA turns buying eyewear into a new, collaborative experience,” said Dennis G. Zelazowski, Founder of Eye-DNA. “Instead of […]

The influence of 3D printing on fashion design

In 2013 burlesque dancer and artist Dita Von Teese modelled the first fully 3D printed dress in New York, ushering in a new generation in fashion design. Because of its potential for optimizing production processes, customization, and cost, 3D printing is expanding the field of what is possible in fashion. Below are a few examples […]

A Collage of 3D Printing Possibilities

Colorful, eclectic, detailed and eye-catching are some of the adjectives we can use to describe Denise J. Reytan’s 3D-printed creations. Working and living in such an alternative city like Berlin, we didn’t expect any less from today’s featured artist. Read more to know how she got started with 3D printing and how far she has gone in her 3D designs for jewelry. Where are you from and what’s your background? Hi! My name is Denise Reytan. I’m a Berlin-based jewelry designer and artist and I create jewelry as well as installations and art objects. I studied in Pforzheim and Düsseldorf and opened my studio in Berlin in 2009. How would you describe your 3D printing work? My work is an exploration in contrasts – between materials, values, colors and personal content. I really like to question conventional boundaries and am interested in the transformation of precious into non-precious and vice versa.  I really like to question conventional boundaries and am interested in the transformation of precious into non-precious and vice versa. How did you start to use 3D printing for your jewelry design?   The first time I used 3D was in 2004, in a course at university, but the quality back in those days was so horrible that I didn’t use it further. Then I did an Artist Residence at the “Institute of Applied Arts” at the HS Düsseldorf in 2013. They had just gotten a new 3D scanner and lots of new software, so I was super curious about the new possibilities. In the end, it was an amazing experience to create my collages on the computer! What about 3D printing materials. You have designed jewelry in brass, like the “Rock o´clock”, but you also use plastics like polyamide. How different are those materials for 3D printing and which one is your favorite? Of course, the materials are very different, especially in terms of weight. I always choose the material which fits best with my idea and how I want to wear it. When I´m thinking of a brooch, polyamide (SLS) is definitely the better choice, because it is very light. The “Rock o´clock” ring is perfect in brass. It has a nice golden color and the material fits great with its use as a ring. How different is your creative process when 3D printing is involved or not? For me, 3D is a great tool, but my creative process starts in the beginning before I choose the technique.  When I choose 3D, I first work on the preparations, like 3D scans. Then I create a collage on the computer, which is very playful and intuitive. For me, 3D is a great tool, but my creative process starts in the beginning before I choose the technique. Polyamide is a very versatile material. Which are your favorite polyamide finishes? I really like the polyamide(SLS) dyed purple or blue color. The white option is quite sensitive to dirt, but great for further processing. I also like the polished version very much. Which projects are you working on at the moment? At the moment I´m working on a pendant, made of 3D-printed brass. Explore the possibilities of 3D printing for your art and jewelry projects with i.materialise. You can go for brass or polyamide (SLS) like Denise, for other classic materials like silver, or give an unconventional material such as alumide a try. As you can see, there is not just one option for 3D-printed jewelry. Just upload your designs to our 3D printing platform and make your 3D printing ideas come to life! Read the material design guides carefully to get the most out of each material. Follow Reytan on her social media accounts and discover her website to get a dose of 3D printing inspiration.