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Stratasys sponsors homage to LAIKA studios and 3D printing in animation

3D printing is currently one of animation’s unsung heroes. Stratasys is now shining a spotlight on the technology by sponsoring an exhibition highlighting the role of the technology in LAIKA studios’ stop-motion animation films. The exhibition, at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon, is a retrospective of LAIKA studios use of 3D printing in their […]

Branching out into Bronze: L+S’s 3D printed sculptures

Norwegian artistic duo “L+S” has created a bronze sculpture of a tree using SLA 3D printing as part of the workflow. The duo, consisting of Lutz-Rainer Müller and Stian Ådlandsvik, was commissioned to create the four-meter sculpture by Ullertunet, a dementia nursing home in Oslo. The bronze tree was created using a variation upon the […]

No, the British Museum did not just publish the first 3D scan of the Rosetta Stone

In July 2017, the British Museum in London published a 3D model of the famed Rosetta Stone on Sketchfab. From there it was picked up by a number of sites claiming it to be “first 3D scan of the Rosetta Stone online.” But, as the 3D printing community knows, that is not the case. A […]