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SpaceX launches 3D printed satellite, next phase of mission underway

According to SSL, Californian spacecraft systems manufacturers, the Telstar 19 VANTAGE advanced high throughput satellite, produced using 3D printing processes, is successfully performing post-launch maneuvers. This satellite, built through a partnership between SSL, and Telesat, a Canadian satellite communications company, is the latest in a new generation of satellites for Telesat designed to deliver reliable […]

3D printing news Sliced MakerBot, Blue Origin, BigRep, Xometry, Dassault Systèmes

Who will win the race to space: Blue Origin or SpaceX? Can classroom educators become 3D printing experts? Would you wear 3D printed lingerie? How can additive manufacturing restore historical art pieces? These questions and more from MakerBot, AIDC, RP Support, Digital Metal, Tanked, the MTC, Xometry in this edition of the Sliced 3D printing […]

Chinese scientists conduct ceramic 3D printing tests for off-world construction

Scientists at the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have successfully completed an experiment to 3D print ceramic parts containing lunar dust under microgravity. Using Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology on board the Airbus ZERO-G parabolic flight aircraft run by Novespace of Switzerland. The 3D printing experiment further explores […]

Relativity Space planning to use Stargate 3D printer to make rockets on Mars

Based in Los Angeles, Relativity Space is developing a new 3D printer for, “scaling and sustaining an interplanetary society”. Since founding in 2015, Relativity Space has received $10 million in funding – with backers including Mark Cuban and Y Combinator. The company promises that 3D printing will allow them to go, “from raw material to […]

ESA’s Dr. Makaya discusses 3D printing on the Moon and Mars

Dr. Advenit Makaya is an Advanced Manufacturing Engineer in Materials and Processes at the European Space Agency (ESA). I caught up with Dr. Makaya in Barcelona to find out more. In his role at the ESA’s Parisian headquarters Dr. Makaya coordinates in-situ resource organization for the agency’s 3D printed Lunar and Martian regolith project. As such […]

3D-Druck Hob­by­ist erzeugt hochwertige Modelle von Space X Raketen

Oliver Braun ist eigentlich im Bereich Animation und Filmproduktion tätig, doch in seiner Freizeit wollte er ein 3D-Modell von der Falcon 9 Rakete von Space X virtuell erstellen und anschließend selber ausdrucken.  Nachdem Oliver Braun das Modell mit Autocad 3DS MAX erstellten wollte, musste er mehrere Dinge beachten. Den im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen 3D-Modellen können […]

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Voxeljet produziert Bauteile für Hyperloop Prototypen

Hyperloop ist ein bekanntes Projekt des Amerikanischen Visionärs Elon Musk, der unter anderem auch SpaceX und Tesla gegründet hat. Hyperloop soll, wenn es nach Musk geht, das Transportsystem der Zukunft werden. Derzeit wird weltweit an den dafür notwendigen Prototypen geforscht, so auch an der TU Delft, die mehrere 3D gedruckte Teile von Voxeljet eingesetzt hat. Das […]

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SpaceX schedule first flight to send private citizens around the moon

California’s SpaceX private space exploration program, founded by Elon Musk in 2002, has set a date for its first commercial flight around the moon. The Crew …