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Campden BRI conducting study on 3D printing in the food industry

Campden BRI, a food and drink research organization based in the UK, has revealed it is conducting a study examining the capabilities and limitations of 3D printing technology with various types of food materials. The project will help to provide an independent evaluation of 3D printing in the food industry through analysis, development, and practical […]

Columbia University 3D printed food challenges conventional flavor profiles

Hoping to overcome the limitations of current 3D food printers (3DFPs), scientists from Columbia University have developed a new method to 3D print cooked food. This latest method is unique insofar as it can combine different ingredients—such as chicken with dough—and cook each ingredient selectively. Most importantly too, the products are edible. And, according to the […]

Food Printing Developments to Keep an Eye on for 2014

Food printing is the most recent hype in the world of 3D printing. This production method 3D prints food layer-by-layer, and several companies are working on techniques to print out proper meals. is keeping an eye on the world’s developments and we bring you the ones worth following in 2014. Last year’s December, we […]

The Future: a 3D Printed “Insects” Meal

In the future two developments are thought to become very important: using 3D printers to create food and eating insects. Both developments probably don’t sound too delicious at first sight, but they are thought to be the solution to global food supply problems around 2050. British scientists have combined the “3D printing” and “insects” part […]