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3D printing news Sliced, Lulzbot, adidas, FATHOM, GE Additive

This edition of our 3D printing news digest Sliced asks the following questions: Would you use a bandage 3D printed directly onto your skin? How tall is the largest 3D printed sculpture of a human? 3D printing can turn smartphones into microscopes? All this and more from Stratasys, FATHOM, GE Additive and Lulzbot. 3D printing […]

3D printing news Sliced, 3D Hubs, GE, Safran and Space for Giants

This edition of 3D printing news Sliced features stories from CFM International, GE, Safran, Materialise, 3D Hubs, Autodesk, HP, UniZ, Niedersachsen ADDITIV, MIT, Ohio State University, Nottingham Trent University Atum3D, Sharebot and Space for Giants. Stormy skies GE and Safran, calm seas for UniZ, Materialise and Niedersachsen ADDITIV CFM International, a joint venture between GE […]

3D Printing News Sliced Formlabs, EOS, LulzBot, GKN Additive and Dremel 3D

This edition of 3D printing news Sliced features stories from Formlabs, EOS, Dremel 3D, LulzBot, Laser Prototypes Europe, re:3D, GKN, Royal DSM, Konica Minolta, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Ohio State University, Adafruit, XRobots, Joris Laarman Lab, and Twindom. Brain waves, Dental trays and focussing rays Scientists from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, The University […]


Fabrisonic ist ein Joint Venture zwischen Solidica, ein Technologie-Unternehmen aus Michigan, und EWI, eine Fertigungs-Forschungsorganisation aus Ohio. Solidica hat in den späten 1990ern die Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) Technologie entwickelt und für kurze Zeit auch Maschinen verkauft. EWI hat mit Solidica neue Techniken entwickelt um bessere UAM Maschinen zu bauen. Aus dieser Zusammenarbeit entstand das […]

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