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Brunel 3D prints world first wearable battery for charging on the go

Cell phones, laptop computers, electric cars…so much depends upon portable power. Airports, train stations and even fast food restaurants have all taken note of this trend, installing stations for people to get a quick top-up of charge before continuing on their way. Power banks have also become any itinerant’s must have, and many companies are […]

3D printing part of £13 million innovation push at Lush cosmetics

Mark Constantine, managing director and co-founder of UK based handmade cosmetics company Lush, has revealed further details about the scale of technological innovation used to make new Lush bath products. Speaking at Jobshop UK directors’ lunch, Constantine mentioned that 3D printers will be used to make and mold some of the design team’s latest “blue sky” […]

3D printing news Sliced Boeing, Additive Manufacturing Technologies, TCT, Mcor and TRUMPF

Today’s 3D printing news sliced features updates from Boeing, TCT, Additive Manufacturing Technologies, 3D Hubs, Mcor, TRUMPF, Sintavia, Organovo, DuPont, Haydale Graphene, Shapeways, Builder Extreme, Cubibot, nano-tera, The Government of Dubai, Bloodhound, The Science Museum of Virginia, Aspect Biosystems, InSCREENeX, Swinburne University, The University of Maryland, PAMM, and Adam Savage. Digital factories, mobile cafés, martian museums […]

3D printing news SLICED Carbon, DARPA, Hypercars and a new metal 3D printer

This edition of 3D printing news SLICED brings you information about a supersonic 3D printer, a new 3D printable material from Kai Parthy, software to improve additive manufacturing and much more. 3D printing events mix science and art The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia will host an exhibition seeking to answer the question, “if YOU had […]

HP formally enters 3D printed footwear market and updates Siemens partnership

In a major update of a collaboration with premium shoe insole developer Superfeet, HP has announced that it will be powering the FitStation custom 3D printed footwear platform. Contributing to the 2016 partnership with Siemens, the company has also announced that it will be integrating specially developed NX Additive Manufacturing (NX AM) into its Multi Jet […]

Stratasys 3D prints a Crab World

Stratasys and Artem Ltd have used 3D printing to create highly realistic miniature houses and shells for its ‘Crab World’ TV campaign. The advert for UK property website, Zoopla, was shot on a beach in Costa Rica and features numerous hermit crabs ‘moving into’ shells topped with miniature houses. All the shells and houses were […]

U.S. Navy’s 3D printed CICADA drone is ready to drop

Equipped with a 3D printed fuselage, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory’s (NRL) CICADA drone is ready for a commercial partner to take the technology to the next level. Essentially a paper plane made from a circuit board, the CICADA is configurable to any end-use, and is keeping Navy hardware expenditure down to a minimum. A […]

€3.7m BADGER robot to 3D print pipes as it travels underground

Robotic 3D printers are helping to advance the next generation of autonomous construction. Recently, the 3D printing industry has seen houses 3D printed in 24 hours or less, and bridges materialising out of melted plastic. BADGER is the latest of these projects attempting to bring 3D printing to construction. The Europe-wide enterprise brings together a […]

Oak Ridge release details of the U.S. military’s first 3D-printed submarine

In a partnership with the Navy’s Disruptive Technology Lab, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has made the military’s first 3D printed submarine hull.  At 30 feet long, the hull is the Navy’s largest 3D printed asset. It has been made to demonstrate the ability to meet on demand vehicle production as a response to special operations missions. […]