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OwnFone Receives $1.2M Investment for 3D-Printed Phones Targeted at the Blind, Elderly, Children

( – London-based OwnFone has developed number of intricate yet affordable 3D-printed phones aimed at children, the elderly, and the blind. These 3D-printed phones are the size of a credit card, and feature a set number of numbers it can dial, like a child’s parents, healthcare workers, and the emergency number. Each button has been… View Article

3D Printed Braille Phones Go on Sale in the UK

(BBC) OwnFone has released what it says is the world’s first Braille phone. The front and back of the phone is constructed using 3D printing techniques and can be customized. Customers can go to the OwnFone and have the option of choosing which names and numbers they would like programmed onto the main screen of the phone. The online system automatically converts English into Braille. The customer can also customize the color for the face of the phone, or even add customized pictures if they choose, for a small additional £5 fee. For those who can’t read Braille, the company can print raised text on the keypad. The phone, currently only available in the UK, retails for £60. According to its inventor Tom Sunderland, 3D printing the front and back of the device helped to keep the costs down.

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