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How technology is transforming fashion?

By Mohand Chebbah

In this exclusive video, head curator Andrew Bolton talks about the dress that inspired the show (by Chanel Haute Couture); discloses one of his favorite pieces (it’s from the 1980s); and waxes lyrical about the potential of 3-D printing, which he believes “has the potential to be as radical as the sewing machine in terms […]

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Wearable Tech Just Got Smarter: Anouk Wipprecht’s Intel-Edison-powered, 3D-printed “Synapse Dress” Logs Your Mood

Changing your appearance with your mood is a topic that’s no longer reserved for New Age followers or sci-fi fans. By embedding Intel’s super versatile, small-in-size-but-large-in-processing-capacity microcontroller called “Intel Edison”, […]