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Tyrannosaurus Rex Skelet mit 3D-Scan vervollständigt

4Visualisation hat mit einem Artec 3D-Scanner einige Lücken in einem Tyrannosaurus Rex Skelet vervollständigt und gleichzeitig ein hochauflösendes 3D-Modell des gesamten Skelets erzeugt. 66 Millionen Jahre nach seinem Tod wurde das Skelet von ‚Trix‘ von einem Amateur gefunden, im südlich des Jordans. Das geschah alles 2013, der Fund war einer der Besten bisher. Alle wichtigen großen […]

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MakerBot Offering T-Rex Skeleton and T-Rex Skull Models for Download and 3D Printing

(MarketWatch) MakerBot is introducing the T-Rex Skeleton, an anatomically correct, realistic and scaled model of a full Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. This giant lived in the forested river valleys of North America 65 million years ago and has always been a favorite of 3D modelers, but very challenging to sculpt and 3D print. Also being introduced is a large-scale T-Rex skull, as part of the MakerBot AcademySM curriculum offered to educators. This fairly complex model showcases advanced sculpting by the MakerBot Studio design team and is geared toward education, functional use and scientific content. The MakerBot T-Rex Skeleton contains 19 files for a total of 79 pieces; pieces are numbered/labeled and come with assembly instructions.

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