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Renishaw reports record £611.4M turnover for full FY2018

The UK headquartered metrology and additive manufacturing specialist Renishaw (LON:RSW) has published its results for the full fiscal year 2018. Combining hardware sales and support with the company’s healthcare service line, headline revenue for FY 2018 was reported at £611.5 million. For FY2017, revenue was reported at £536.8m. By comparison, FY2018 sees a growth of 14% and […]

RMIT 3D printed implant study proves our bodies thrive off diamonds

While it may not be as a catchy as the famous song from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, research from RMIT University argues that diamonds are (also) a 3D printer’s best friend. More specifically, diamond, as it is made from carbon, improves the biocompatibility of 3D printed titanium implants. The breakthrough discovery made by Dr. Kate Fox and her […]

Lima Corporate’s EBM 3D printed hip plant ‘could last a lifetime’

In 2007 Dr. Guido Grappiolo became the first surgeon to use a 3D printed trabecular titanium (TT) hip cup for a patient. Over ten years later Dr. Grappiolo speaks to Lima Corporate, the developer of the technology, and reports that the first TT implant is still going strong. 100,000 patients later Trabecular titanium is a biocompatible […]

Materialise expands DePuy Synthes partnership for 3D printed surgical guides

Materialise is to launch a new system allowing surgeons to plan, design and order patient specific 3D printed guides for shoulder operations. The all-in-one TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Shoulder System is an extension of Materialise’s existing partnership with DePuy Synthes, the orthopaedic and neurological branch of pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Minimizing risk in the operating room  DePuy […]

SME reports on 3D printing for point of care medical manufacturing

In a report published by SME, 96% of professionals 3D printing for point of care, e.g. medical models, prosthesis, implants and surgical guides, expect to see a rise in medical 3D printing throughout 2018. In the report Lauralyn McDaniel, medical additive manufacturing industry expert at SME, explains that the rise is due to a number […]

Metal 3D printing makes the cut in MIT Tech Review’s top ten tech list

Metal 3D printing is listed as one of the top 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2018 by the MIT Technology Review, the online and in-print magazine published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The list has been curated by Tech Review editors since 2001, and previously featured (in 2016 and 2017) the emergence of gene editing, alongside […]

Forecast says Asia Pacific to spend $3.6 billion on 3D printing in next 3 years

The market for additive manufacturing is growing. As we saw earlier this month, the International Data Corporation (IDC) has updated its Worldwide Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide, predicting that the market-wide spending for 3D printing this year will rise to $12 billion around the world. To give further insight, the IDC has now released a […]

3D LifePrints secures £500,000 to expand hospital based 3D printer labs

The future of 3D printing in healthcare? Many companies/individuals believe that 3D printer labs in hospitals is the way forward for medicine. Phoenix Children’s Hospital, veterans hospitals in the U.S., the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Australia and more around the world are all getting ahead of the curve with their own dedicated units, and […]

IDC forecasts worldwide spending on 3D printing to be nearly $12 billion in 2018

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has updated its Worldwide Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide forecasting market-wide spending on additive manufacturing throughout 2018. IDC’s international team of analysts looked at key markets across 9 regions including Europe, Asia/Pacific and the U.S. In the trifecta of 3D printing, hardware will constitute $6.9 billion, materials $6.7 billion, and […]

Materialise 3D printed hip implant gets patient back on her feet

Succeeding where two other operations had failed before, a 3D printed hip implant has been used in corrective surgery for a patient at the HELIOS Clinic in Hildesheim, Germany. The device has been made in consultation with Materialise, harnessing the company’s aMace solution – the first software platform to use “scientifically validated simulation technologies” for custom-made […]