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3D Systems Figure 4 selected for US Air Force research

The Figure 4 3D printing platform from 3D Systems continues to find new applications. Under a new initiative announced today, US Air Force-sponsored research will look at how 3D printing can be used in the aircraft maintenance supply chain. Figure 4 is high accuracy and high speed modular 3D printing platform that permits a significant […]

$2.9M 3D printing contract recharges U.S. Air Force legacy planes

When it comes to 3D printing, the U.S. Air Force is taking things seriously. The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is a leading driver for developing the technology, and has recently employed the Synchrotron to investigate filler for 3D printed polymers. For years, bases around the country have also been trialling 3D printers for spare part […]

3D printing 10 times cheaper than machining for Moog Aircraft Group

FDM 3D printing proves better than traditional manufacturing in this latest case study from Moog Aircraft Group (NYSE:MOG.A) and leading Stratsys reseller SYS Systems. As a solution for spare parts and tooling, fused deposition modeling (FDM) is the 3D printing technology of choice for cutting costs and lead times at factories around the world. In recent […]

3D Printing News Sliced BAE Systems, Lockheed-Martin and Renishaw

In this edition of 3D printing news Sliced, we have stories from BAE Systems, Lockheed-Martin, Renishaw, Vodafone, MSYS, DARPA, the Royal College of Art, the University of Alabama, ASRC, Nano Dimension, Carl Zeiss, Nanoscribe, MASSIVit 3D, Tytus 3D and Xometry. Rocket powered 3D printing Reaction Engine Inc, a subsidiary of aircraft manufacturer Reaction Engines, has […]

Draper puts aersol jet to test with 3D printed Bluetooth transceiver

Aerosol jet printing (AJP) is a technique for spraying metal-based inks developed by industrial manufacturer Optomec. Its ability to adhere to readymade surfaces and make multimaterial objects makes the technique highly desirable in the consumer electronics market, where demand for device prototypes is at an all time high. To assess AJP in practice, and better […]

3D Printing News Sliced: MakePrintable, Stratasys, EOS, Dinara Kasko

In a design-heavy week for the industry, today’s Sliced 3D printing digest covers stories from: Adi Meyer Architects, Jack Elliott, Dinara Kasko, TU Eindhoven, BAM Infrastructure, Jiangnan University, the Irish Science Foundation, Luleå University of Technology, the University of Tromsø, the University of Oulu, MakePrintable, ANSYS, Stratasys, Lockheed Martin, PADT, EOS, LPW Technology and Additive Industries. Intuitive face masks, […]

3D Printing News Sliced HP, Deloitte, Ultimaker, SLM Solutions, Dacuda, Danfoss

Our 3D printing news digest today includes news about HP, Deloitte, Ultimaker, SLM Solutions, Dacuda and Danfoss. Lasers for Lubeck SLM Solutions Group, a German Selective Laser Melting metal based additive manufacturing company based in Schleswig-Holstein, has announced their participation in the Lubeck Airport’s Centenary celebrations (2-3 September), coinciding with a recruitment drive. 3D printing […]

Lockheed Martin spends $350 million on next-gen satellite production

Global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) is investing $350 million in a state-of-the-art satellite production facility, complete with industrial grade 3D printers and “virtual immersion environments.” Scheduled for completion in 2020, the Gateway Center is an expansion of the company’s Waterton Canyon campus. Located near Denver, Colorado, the site is home […]

Lockheed Martin finanziert 3D-Druck-Labor für Luft- und Raumfahrt an Universität

Der US-amerikanische Rüstungs- und Technologiekonzern Lockheed Martin unterstützt die Metropolitan State University von Denver (MSU Denver) mit einer Förderung von $ 1 Million. Mit der Investition soll über die kommenden vier Jahre ein Labor für die Weiterentwicklung der 3D-Drucktechnologie in Luft- und Raumfahrt am Campus der Universität entstehen und finanziert werden. Die Lockheed Martin Corporation […]

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