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Skyrora propels UK space missions with 3D printed rocket parts

UK government aims to capture 10% of the global space market by 2030, and with a combination of private sector enterprise and advanced manufacturing (including 3D printing), a few companies have begun the countdown towards that target. Skyrora is a privately-funded launch vehicle developer with sites in Edinburgh, London, and the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. It aims […]

Artec 3D Scanning-Technologie unterstützt Erschaffung hybrider Realität bei der NASA

Mit dem 3D-Scanner Artec Space Spider sind Ingenieure in dem Hybrid Reality Lab der NASA in der Lage, Werkzeuge, die im All genutzt werden, zu scannen. Die NASA verfolgt derzeit die Mission, die Menschheit tiefer als je zuvor in das Sonnensystem vordringen zu lassen. Das schließt beispielsweise die Fertigstellung von Programmen wie der Orion-Kapsel und dem […]

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German materials researchers explore zero gravity metal 3D printing

Researchers at the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and TU Clausthal are working on a project titled “Powder-based additive manufacturing in zero gravity.” Poised to compete with microgravity metal 3D printing efforts from the likes of NASA and Made In Space, the team’s experiments have been conducted in a number of parabolic […]

ESA’s Dr. Makaya discusses 3D printing on the Moon and Mars

Dr. Advenit Makaya is an Advanced Manufacturing Engineer in Materials and Processes at the European Space Agency (ESA). I caught up with Dr. Makaya in Barcelona to find out more. In his role at the ESA’s Parisian headquarters Dr. Makaya coordinates in-situ resource organization for the agency’s 3D printed Lunar and Martian regolith project. As such […]

Draper puts aersol jet to test with 3D printed Bluetooth transceiver

Aerosol jet printing (AJP) is a technique for spraying metal-based inks developed by industrial manufacturer Optomec. Its ability to adhere to readymade surfaces and make multimaterial objects makes the technique highly desirable in the consumer electronics market, where demand for device prototypes is at an all time high. To assess AJP in practice, and better […]

Phase two of NASA’s deep space habitat challenge finds a winner in architect & tech firm collaboration

As part of its support for the application 3D printing technology to deep space exploration, NASA has awarded a $250,000 prize to a joint team consisting of members from Foster+Partners California and Branch Technology (based in Chattanooga, Tennessee). NASA’s competition, which has now reached level three of its second phase, aims to “advance construction technology […]

New Research Shows How Plastic Can Be 3D Printed From Urine During Space Voyages

Remember that scene in Apollo 13 where the main crew dispose of all their waste in the depths of space? They’d be kicking themselves if they found out what a useful resource they had just chucked out. While presenting stunning new research at the American Chemical Society expo, Mark Blenner and his team outlined a method […]

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Airbus sets sights on space with first 3D Systems printed RF satellite filter

The latest development from a collaboration between 3D Systems and Airbus proves that space is the place for 3D printing. In the redesign of a radio frequency (RF) filter engineers have managed to bypass surface topology concerns and cut the weight of a part by 50%. The metal component is now the first tested and validated part of […]

Lockheed Martin spends $350 million on next-gen satellite production

Global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) is investing $350 million in a state-of-the-art satellite production facility, complete with industrial grade 3D printers and “virtual immersion environments.” Scheduled for completion in 2020, the Gateway Center is an expansion of the company’s Waterton Canyon campus. Located near Denver, Colorado, the site is home […]